Obligatory Cliff Lee posting

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8 thoughts on “Obligatory Cliff Lee posting

  1. Ben

    To me it was no different than the Jeter deal. The Yanks put forth their best effort and the ball is in the player's court. I can't be angry at a team who puts together incredible offers, even if they are turned down. If it does fail, there are plenty of pitchers for them to examine for trade.

  2. No, I will NOT fault the Yanks if Lee chooses Texas. They made an excellent offer and if that's not enough, for whatever reason, so be it. World will not end.

  3. jay_robertson

    IF the rumors are true, and the Yanks have outbid the Rangers by 20 mil (or more!) – then I'm pretty much bleh if he takes it or not. Ya know, I wouldn't live in Texas if they were giving me the extra money; I can't even imagine doing it for less.

    Unless Ron shares those extra perks.

    • Evan

      I must say, one thing that I was surprised about was that there weren't any bugga suga comments when the Rangers made their run this season…it seemed like comedy gold…guess nobody else finds my puerile sense of humor appealing. I know they had texas news reporters discussing the "atmosphere" in SF, and yet nobody struck back with Timmy vs Washington comparisons.

  4. colins

    If the Yankees dont get Lee (i still think they will)

    Give up most of the farm for Felix?

    • LarryAtIIATMS

      Colins, three points. First, nothing says that Seattle has any interest in trading King Felix. Felix is under team control until 2015 — so unlike the situation with Cliff Lee, there's no danger of Felix fleeing Seattle for free agency any time soon.

      Second … Felix's existing contract pays him major dollars — from 2012 to 2014, he's scheduled to earn around $20mm per year. Sure, that's at least $5 million less than he'd earn on the open market, but it's a lot to expect the Yanks to deplete their farm system AND to pay King Felix $20mm per year.

      Third … no. Do not give up most of the farm for anyone, not even Felix. The Yankees' goal is SUSTAINABLE success. That kind of success is impossible without successfully developing young players from within the organization. Yes … one value in having young prospects is that you can trade them for established players, but the team needs to do that wisely, in deals for players like Greinke where the other side is at least looking to receive offers.

      Got to remember: come next year, the Yankees will have other needs. We need to keep something in reserve for next time. We must always be smart shoppers.

    • Jason@IIATMS

      Oh that’s a dream most of us would want to see come true… but I HIGHLY doubt that would happen. Unless we sent them the entire SWB roster.

  5. LarryAtIIATMS

    Jason, lesson 1 from life experience: there are things much worse than waiting for news. One is receiving the news and it is bad. The Lee signing may be a big deal for you and me. It is a much bigger deal for Cliff and his family. So long as he doesn't announce on national TV that he's taking his talents to South Beach, I'm fine with Cliff taking all the time he wants to take, and then making the decision public in the right way, with due respect for everyone involved.

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