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8 thoughts on “Obligatory Cliff Lee posting

  1. To me it was no different than the Jeter deal. The Yanks put forth their best effort and the ball is in the player's court. I can't be angry at a team who puts together incredible offers, even if they are turned down. If it does fail, there are plenty of pitchers for them to examine for trade.

  2. IF the rumors are true, and the Yanks have outbid the Rangers by 20 mil (or more!) – then I'm pretty much bleh if he takes it or not. Ya know, I wouldn't live in Texas if they were giving me the extra money; I can't even imagine doing it for less.

    Unless Ron shares those extra perks.

  3. Jason, lesson 1 from life experience: there are things much worse than waiting for news. One is receiving the news and it is bad. The Lee signing may be a big deal for you and me. It is a much bigger deal for Cliff and his family. So long as he doesn't announce on national TV that he's taking his talents to South Beach, I'm fine with Cliff taking all the time he wants to take, and then making the decision public in the right way, with due respect for everyone involved.