59 thoughts on “Lee Is A Philly (Again)

  1. The one real bright side to this is that i hope history repeats itself. Last time someone the Yankees really wanted was Greg Maddux in '92 well we kicked his behind the following years to win the WS :)

    Before i head to bed cant really think of a good plan B emphasis on good (meaning not giving up unreasonable amount in prospects/$ etc)

    Kansas has a great group of pitching prospects one of the Yankees strong suit, they need positional players more than anything.
    Felix? no matter how much i want this to happen the reality is it won't.
    Carpenter? Cardinals seem to be trying to win next year hard to see them give him up this offseason though it is possible in July
    Floyd? honestly don't know much about the player/team needs.
    Carl Pavano? i just threw up in my mouth
    Bhuelre? Read somewhere recently that he could be traded. Good innings eater nothing more

    The Yankee players who are most likely going to be asked but in my opinion should be untouchable.

    Phil Huges he is the #2 or #3 started depending on how you look at it, trading him will most likely be a step backwards not forward. Still cashman can get creative.
    Gardner right now the outfield is a good for NYY, with the major free agents in the outfield gone trading him would just create more holes.
    The last though its more 50-50 Jesus Montero, Posada is not coming back next year, Montero is the safest bet right now to take over, cant imagine Cervilli being it or Russel Martin if he signs with Yanks.
    Just to fill a hole now we are creating a big hole for years later if we trade Jesus

  2. I think this comes down to building a legacy. Cliff Lee loves being the center of attention in the postseason, and he probably figures his best shot at getting to the World Series every year is with the Phillies (who were clearly better than everyone else in the NL before they signed Lee). The Rangers might not even reach the playoffs again in Lee's career, and the Yankees do play in the best division in baseball, where three of the four best teams in baseball reside (the fourth being the Phillies). Lee's probably also figured out that pitching in the NL is a lot easier.

  3. Larry since your up what still i think i found a potential SP/4th OF and a future RF prospect who is set to be starting RF next season.

    With Cliff coming Phil's need to clear some cash, one thing the Yanks can definitely help with.

    Joe Blanton (2011 – 8.5mil, 2012 – 8.5mil), Raul Ibanez (2011 – 11.5mil) and Dominic Brown for one of the Killer B's (one who is still few years from majors), Joba + someone else and add in a few lower prospects.

    We take in 20mil this season and 8.5mil next solves 1 spot of the rotation if Andy does not come back. We get an albeit really expensive 4th outfielder, who can also help relieve Tex if necessary with swish going to first and Ibanez to right. A prospect who is set to start RF for Phil's this year.

    Granted we might have to give up a bit more than i stated but still reasonably possible right? or am i delirious already from not sleeping

  4. No one wants to play for the Yankees because their fans are either idiots who care but know nothing about baseball or rich people who don't really care and know nothing about baseball. Also, who wants to play for an organization that is killing baseball?

  5. It's kinda pathetic for Lee to go back to Philly… who traded him to get Halladay. It's like a guy (Philly) dumping a girl (Lee) for a prettier girl (Halladay) and then asking the first girl to join them in a 3-some. Have some self-respect Cliff

  6. I'm yankee fan that's been living in philly since '07. this is the worst possible outcome other than him going to boston. i cant wait to hear sports talk radio tomorrow crowning them world series champs for the next three seasons.

  7. Larry, where is my blog post telling me not to panic? Because that’s what I’m doing as I stare at a possible rotation of


  8. I would bet a significant amount of money that Mrs. Lee getting spit on while visiting the stadium had a lot to do with this one. WAGs are used to getting yelled at, but getting spit on is something else altogether.

    In this case, Philly is a contendor and paying him a heck of a lot of money as well, so the decision was a lot easier – not like the only alternative was Pittsburgh or something.

    Hopefully a lesson to Yankee fans. Call them whatever you want (within reason), but please, no spitting.

  9. What about taking a flyer on Brandon Webb? He's obviously not THE answer, but he has a bigger upside than Nova and Mitre…not that I think for even a second that Taylor C's example of a possible rotation will become reality.

    Burnett is definitely going to be in the mix, so if the Yanks can convince Pettitte to return, there's really only one spot to fill. I wouldn't count on Webb being that guy, but I wouldn't mind seeing him compete for that 5th spot, possibly against Joba (if they can bring back Wood or someone else for the setup role).

  10. Ok, let's just take a deep breath here guys. First, we don't know what's happening with Pettite yet. If he comes back the rotation gets much stronger.

    Second, let's give Cashman some credit. Have you noticed he's probably been the calmest person throughout this whole thing? Everybody has been saying he's been outplayed, but I have a feeling he has a Plan B that would be most team's Plan A+. He's done some great things as GM, and I keep hearing he was waiting on the Lee decision to pull the trigger on something.

    To be honest I'm actually more excited than I was before. Having Lee would have been great, but it would have been the same old "Yanks sign best free agent" offseason again. Isn't anyone else excited to see what Cashman can pull out of his hat? Now he has to be creative and we'll get to see how good of a GM he really is. Personally I tend to trust that Cashman will pull something off. I'm looking forward to see what he can do.

  11. On the bright side, if we beat out the Red Sox and the Phillies this year we’ll get to lecture them about money not buying championships.

    I enjoyed the 3-some comment, but I see Lee as more of a battered wife in this case. The Phillies reeled him in with sweet whispers of forever, then smacked him around and threw him into a dumpster (Mariners) for not having supper ready on time (failing to single-handedly deliver a championship). Now they’re saying “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it, you know I love you” because the goomah (Halladay), for all his curves, also can’t cook a meal on time. It’s all roses and candy now for Clifton, but what happens the next time supper’s late? An uppercut into a trash can (Pirates)? It’s disgusting.

  12. I just read this Rangers- 23mil AAV, Phillies – 22.5mil AAV and Yanks – 21.1 mil AAV
    Yanks are second on total value at 148mil, Rangers had the best at 161mil and Phillies last at 135mil

    guess he didnt really leave much money on the table.