More good news: Russell Martin needs knee surgery

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7 thoughts on “More good news: Russell Martin needs knee surgery

  1. RPB

    I believe that it was afractured hip, not a torn labrum…

    • I stand corrected. Thanks for the updated info.

  2. Yes, it was originally reported as a torn labrum but later downgraded to a pelvic fracture, which is important because bones heal more predictably than soft tisse. Also note, he didn't miss *most of the year*; the injury took place in early August, a point at which he'd played 97 of the team's 107 games.

    • Well color me embarrassed. That's what I get for relying on the news of that day.

    • FIXED. Thanks again

  3. jay_robertson

    so we signed a guy who needs surgery – after discovering it in the physical? I smell desperation here.

  4. Rick N

    I just don't get it…Don't we have a bunch of catchers? Give the younger guys a chance…

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