Top (or really, bottom) 10 least valuable Yankees of the last 10 seasons

Back in the “Save Phil Hughes” days I once ran a post in which I tried to determine “The crappiest 25-man Yankee roster of all time,” which is always a fun way to kill some time on a slow Hot Stove day. The roster I ended up with — while entertaining — doesn’t appear to be based on anything other than my memory of how bad the respective players were, so I wanted to see statistically who the least valuable Yankees of the last 10 seasons actually were. Thankfully Fangraphs allows us to do so rather easily. There’s no minimum PA needed to rank on this list; I’m simply looking at the players who accumulated the worst fWAR during their Yankee tenure.

And the dishonor goes to:

Tony Womack .261 -2.3
Enrique Wilson .257 -2.1
Bubba Crosby .259 -1.0
Andy Phillips .292 -1.0
Gerald Williams .192 -0.9
Craig Wilson .265 -0.8
Todd Greene .231 -0.8
Matt Lawton .249 -0.7
Wil Nieves .161 -0.7
Alberto Gonzalez .179 -0.7

Heh. Quite the motley crew of castoffs. We all knew Womack was pretty awful, but it’s nice to see statistical evidence that he was probably the worst position-player signing in Brian Cashman’s history.

3 thoughts on “Top (or really, bottom) 10 least valuable Yankees of the last 10 seasons

  1. Great point — I forgot to take a look at the pitchers. The only pitcher that actually would've made this list is Sean Henn, who was worth -0.8 WAR during his time with the Yankees.

    WAR is partly derived from playing time, and Pavano didn't pitch enough to rack up an overwhelmingly poor WAR total. Somewhat surprisingly, he was actually worth 1.1 WAR.