The calm after the storm

Between a snow-blanketed New York City and a holiday week in which many are off from work, there hasn’t been a ton of worthwhile Yankee-related news (a reunion with Johnny Damon? Adding Manny Ramirez? Come on), and I’d expect things to remain quiet for a bit. While all of Yankeeland continues to wait with bated breath for Andy Pettitte‘s decision, which apparently will make or break the Yankees’ 2011 season in many peoples’ eyes, I also expect that Brian Cashman isn’t quite done making improvements to the team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if January yielded a surprise or two.

Of course, judging by the massive contingent of fans who apparently are quite disenfranchised with Cashman, I’m not sure anything will be enough to satisfy the anti-pragmatists. After witnessing the back-and-forth that developed on my post defending Cashman last week I came away pretty shocked with the volume of folks still clamoring for Cashman’s head — I’m used to MLBTR-linked posts drawing the ire of fans of other teams, but it was a bit depressing to see a comment section filled with bickering Yankee supporters.

I would certainly never suggest that everyone needs to be on the same page with regards to how they relate to and enjoy the team, but I do hope some of that negative energy ends up being utilized in a positive way. It’s bad enough Yankee fans have to deal with the entire world of sports hating us; petty infighting only solidifies that reputation among other fanbases and makes us look that much worse.

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