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15 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Andy Pettitte

  1. Nicely written article. How long before Jeter, Mo, and Posada are on a plane to Texas begging Andy to come back?

  2. Didn't you just put up a long post yesterday detailing why the Yanks will be as good, or even better, than last year – even without Andy? I totally agree that we want him and need him, but yeterday's post becomes a bit less compelling in the wake of this open letter.

    I simply don't understand why the Yanks didn't get B Webb. He's exactly the type of guy they should be aiming for at this point. There's still Francis out there, but I would rather take a chance on Webb. That said, I'd like to see them sign Francis. At least there's some upside there. I also don't get why the Yanks haven't done more to upgrade the 'pen. I don't want them giving out 3yr deals to and reliever, but Jenks got a reasonable contract, I think.

    It's been a weird offseason. I have no problem with them aiming for Lee and missing out. But it seems strange that they literally had no other plan to improve. At this point, I'd like to see them sign Francis and maybe a Fuentes (if it's for less than 2 yrs) and then trot out Nova and eventually one of the B's.

    But man…it'd be nice if Andy came back too.

  3. Good post, and yes the Yankees do NEED pettite (relatively speaking)….

    But as someone else pointed out, let's not act like this has been some sort of 15 year love fest

    George Steinbrenner never liked Pettite, that is the cold, hard truth. Pettite was allowed to "walk" following the '03 season which didn't make sense at the time and doesn't now. Also with the HGH stuff, the snitching, and the retirement stuff, its been awkward.

    I don't think the Yankees or their fans have much of an emotional attachment to Pettite or much respect for him anymore. It's just business. The money is there to be spent, he can help, let's bring him back into the fold.

  4. Maybe they can pull the Clemens routine from 2007 and convince him to come back for the last 2/3 of the season? 2 months of Mitre is better than 6, right?

    • If I remember, that ended with Clemens getting hurt in his only playoff start and the team being bailed out by Phil Hughes

      Let's hope that doesn't happen with Pettite

  5. @ Brian "I don't think the Yankees or their fans have much of an emotional attachment to Pettite or much respect for him anymore. It's just business. "

    I was there Game 6 against the Phillies, and I can safely say that is untrue. The stadium was as louder than any I've ever been in, and the entire stadium was shaking with the chants of his name. Whatever the general perception is, you can consider me an Andy Pettitte Loyalist.

    • Yankee fans would chant Satan's name if he was helping them win a World Series….

      I don't mean to be too hard on Pettite, an all time Yankee who should absolutely have his number retired by the team someday, just injecting a dose of reality.

      Some guy on here a week or so ago make the statement that he though Pettite was THE most popular Yankee from this era.. How could he be any higher than 4th (Jeter, Bernie, Mo?)… not that its a big deal, just sayin

      • I read that first line as Santa instead of Satan the first time, it was much funnier my dyslexic way :)

      • It's not much of a cross sample, but amongst the group of Yankee fans I interact with regularly Pettitte is EXTREMELY popular. He's probably second only to Mo.

  6. My favorite Yankee since the latest golden era started ('96) is definitely Paul O'Neal. I'd agree that Petitte is a few rungs down that ladder, if nothing else because he's almost never (never?) Been the best pitcher on the staff and because he's a pitcher and because, frankly, he's pretty boring. That's part of his charm, of course, but it makes it tough for him to be a top favorite. Still, I'd be shocked if there are many Yanks fans who aren't Petitte fans and who don't feel loyalty to him.

    • I'll skip the missing "t" in Pettitte's name since that's a common typo, but if you claim a guy is your favorite player, at least get it close when it comes to spelling his name! C'mon Bobby!!!!

      Paul O'Neill! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

  7. Sorry – bad spelling bugs me. But he's very much not my favorite player. I was just saying that I do think Yanks fans do appreciate him and feel loyalty to him. He wouldn't make my top 5, maybe not top 10. But I still love him (not enough to spell his name right, apparently – but still…)

    • Just busting horns, Bobby!

      He's among the most beloved Yanks in the last 30 years (post-70's Thurman/Graig/Reggie era). I'd put him about #6.

      This might be a separate posting.