Farewell to Arms: Despite Being Shutout of Off Season’s Best Pitchers, Greinke Deal No Cause for Panic

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Everybody knew that Zack Greinke would be traded before Spring Training, but the suddenness of the deal, not to mention the destination, was somewhat of a surprise. However, despite attempts to suggest the contrary, the Yankees were not caught off guard by the...

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Thinking Prospects: The Draft

A grand total of five teams spent more than 10% of their total payroll (information from here) on the draft (information found here). Now, I won’t argue that teams need to spend 10% of their player budget on the draft, but for the price of one over-priced reliever that no one needs but everyone signs, each team could take some more risks on guys who slip down due to bonus demands, sign them, and still have money left to make a significant splash in Latin America (which I’ve left out but will address in a future post). It makes no sense to spend so much money on a reliever (or any other free-agent teams throw money at—Jeff Francoeur, Melky Cabrera, etc.) who won’t even account for one win of production and not spend 20% of that on a draft prospect that could bring much more. I’ll admit the Yankees are awfully low on this list partially due to their ginormous payroll, but I’d also argue they don’t leverage the draft nearly enough.…

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Projecting key Yankees in 2011

We recently compared the Yankees and Red Sox position players as they stack up right now. Unsurprisingly, the Sox came out ahead. Barring the unexpected, the 2011 Red Sox’s position players...

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A's trade for Yankeeist favorite Josh Willingham

Billy Beane and I seem to covet a lot of the same players. First Ben Sheets, then David DeJesus and now Josh Willingham. I first pondered the idea of Willingham back in April when I wasn’t yet convinced that...

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Yankees to Add Feliciano

The Yankees are now set to sign LOOGY Pedro Feliciano to a two year deal, worth $8MM.

I’m more or less okay with this deal, since the money isn’t big and a two year deal isn’t awful, especially since he’ll just be facing lefties. With the way Joe Girardi matches up, though, he could be...

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