Cliff Lee stuff of the day, plus Crawford… *UPDATED*

More from Heyman:

#yankees had no choice but to give lee a 7-year offer. have to think the ballgame is close to over unless #rangers dont field rest of team

And more again from Heyman:

#yankees have to be up to 95 percent to get lee now. hes not afraid of nyc. dont know him personally, just watched last 2 octobers.

Cashman still feeling a big tied up, I’m guessing.

Two comments wrapped up in this retweet from two great bloggers (@TheYankeeU and @mikeaxisa):

RT @mikeaxisa Upping the offer to seven yrs is so dumb. Lee”s market got smaller last night, not larger./ yup. Seems like panic move.

I agree. Adding the extra year is superfluous.

Good stuff from Ben Goessling, noting how the Nats probably screwed themselves for setting the market with their Werth deal:

Crawford’s deal is barely $2 million more a season than the one the Nationals gave Jayson Werth, but the price, at least partially, reflects the way the Nationals helped set the market for Crawford with the Werth deal.Click here to read the rest

Crawford to Beantown

The arch-rival Red Sox have struck again! This time they landed speedy Carl Crawford with a generous seven-year, $142M pact. As a point of comparison, this contract matches Jayson Werth’s signing in years and exceeds it by $16M. As noted by Ian Browne, “Crawford’s average annual value of $20,285,714 will also be the 10th highest in history. And his average annual value will trail only Ramirez all time in terms of outfielders. [Manny] Ramirez had a two-year, $45 million from the Dodgers.” I think this is an important point given that they are looking to reward Adrian Gonzalez with something along the lines of seven years, $154M. Basically, Boston has committed a good chunk of all that salary coming off the books next season (David Ortiz, J.D. Drew, Jonathan Papelbon, and Mike Cameron) to resources right now.

Those of you who have followed my contributions to the site probably know my feelings toward Carl Crawford.

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Some preliminary statistical notes on Crawford to the Red Sox

Matt’s working on a Carl Crawford post of his own, but in the interim I’d like to weigh in with a couple of notes on Crawford’s 7-year, $142 million deal with the Boston Red Sox.

– For starters, while Carl Crawford is an admittedly dynamic and exciting player, we’re also talking about a hitter with a career .347 wOBA, and who is coming off a career-high .378 mark. Of course, with a player like Crawford one also has to factor in his defense, which is where he derives a significant amount of his value. Is Crawford worth $20.3 million per year? According to Fangraphs he certainly was and then some in 2010, putting up a 6.9 fWAR worth $27.4 million. He was also excellent in 2009, with a 5.7 fWAR that was worth $25.4 million. It’s probably worth nothing that Baseball-Reference has a rather drastically different opinion of Crawford, as bWAR has his 2010 season at 4.8 and his 2009 at 4.4.… Click here to read the rest

Girardi-No Plan B after Lee

Move over Felix, there's a new king in baseball

On the heels of the Red Sox (or as Jon Heyman now calls them, the ‘Best team in Baseball’) signing Carl Crawford, there is a palpable sense of panic among the sports media on behalf of the Yankees. You couldn’t by tell listening to their GM making the media rounds this past week, Brian Cashman is his usual, monotone self. But the Red Sox acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford have catapulted them to being at least on par with the Yanks heading into next season, maybe slightly ahead in the eyes of some observers. Some of us in the blogosphere have our doubts, the differential between Victor Martinez and Adrian Gonzalez is significant, but not enormous. Crawford is a clear upgrade to their putrid outfield of last year, but his best asset of speed will largely be wasted playing LF in Fenway. But you’ll get no argument from me they’ve made themselves better, and the Yanks need to keep up with the Joneses.… Click here to read the rest

Sox Surprisingly Sign Speedster

In a display of ninja-like stealth that would make even Brian Cashman proud, the Boston Red Sox made a big acquisition today.  Our old friend Peter Abraham broke the news, reporting that the Sawx have signed Rays OF Carl Crawford to a 7-year 142 million dollar contract.  This is a big signing for Boston, and somewhat of a surprise, as I’m sure many people were expecting Boston to be done with handing out big paychecks after acquiring Adrian Gonzalez (and his reported Teixeira-esque extension demands).

Crawford will be a nice addition to the Boston lineup, likely hitting in the 2-hole behind Jacoby Ellsbury, and ahead of Pedroia, Gonzalez, and Youkilis.  His speed and on-base ability will allow him to score a lot of runs in front of Boston’s big boppers, and give Yankee catchers fits on the basepaths.  He’s also a great defensive outfielder, though his defensive value will be limited at home (in Fenway’s small left field).  Before the Jason Werth signing, if somebody told me that Carl Crawford, whom I consider a very good player but not a star, would be getting 20 million/year for 7 years, I would have been shocked. … Click here to read the rest