Cliff Lee stuff of the day, plus Crawford… *UPDATED*

More from Heyman:

#yankees had no choice but to give lee a 7-year offer. have to think the ballgame is close to over unless #rangers dont field rest of team

And more again from Heyman:

#yankees have to be up to 95 percent to get lee now. hes not afraid of nyc. dont know him personally, just watched last 2 octobers.

Cashman still feeling a big tied up, I’m guessing.

Two comments wrapped up in this retweet from two great bloggers (@TheYankeeU and @mikeaxisa):

RT @mikeaxisa Upping the offer to seven yrs is so dumb. Lee”s market got smaller last night, not larger./ yup. Seems like panic move.

I agree. Adding the extra year is superfluous.

Good stuff from Ben Goessling, noting how the Nats probably screwed themselves for setting the market with their Werth deal:

Crawford’s deal is barely $2 million more a season than the one the Nationals gave Jayson Werth, but the price, at least partially, reflects the way the Nationals helped set the market for Crawford with the Werth deal.

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Rule 5 draft update

Yanks lose a few guys, too (via Twitter):

Astros pick RHP Lance Pendleton from Yankees in 2nd round of Rule 5

And another (via Twitter):

#Padres take Yankees RHP George Kontos in Rule 5 Draft.

Full Rule 5 Draft board here

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Some preliminary statistical notes on Crawford to the Red Sox

Matt’s working on a Carl Crawford post of his own, but in the interim I’d like to weigh in with a couple of notes on Crawford’s 7-year, $142...

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Sox Surprisingly Sign Speedster

In a display of ninja-like stealth that would make even Brian Cashman proud, the Boston Red Sox made a big acquisition today.  Our old friend Peter Abraham broke the news, reporting that the Sawx have signed Rays OF Carl Crawford to a 7-year 142 million dollar contract.  This is a big signing for Boston, and...

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