Takeaways from Jeter’s press conference

Open to questions after 5 minutes of nothing of any materiality said, Jeter added during the Q&A:

  • This is the only organization that I ever want to play for…
  • “…Never planned on going anywhere else…
  • “I didn’t want to hear from any other teams…I didn’t want to play for any other teams”
  • What bothered me the most was how public this became...”
  • “…Not an enjoyable experience…”
  • “…Turned into a big public thing. Something I was not happy about…”
  • I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t angry about how some of this went…”
  • I thought I was portrayed incorrectly
  • “…Best organization in all of sports…best fans in all of sports…”
  • Angry at the process. Angry how he was betrayed. Heard “greed”, “ego”, “arrogance”.  (That’s my fault, sorry)
  • I’m in no position to demand anything...”
  • Something to prove? –> “Every year we go out to prove we’re the best team in baseball… I have nothing to prove to other people…”
  • I have a lot of years left in baseball
  • I’ve never shied away from criticism; I’ve taken it as a challenge…

First time I’ve ever seen Jeter admit to being angry at something like this or was this forthright in sharing his angry. …

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Quick Wish List

I’m currently finishing up a whole heap of schoolwork (yay for the second to last week of classes), so this is going to be a very brief wish list. Christmas, after all, is coming soon. This isn’t the big wish list (Cliff Lee, Andy Pettitte), but a smaller wish list. Tell me in the comments...

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It only takes one *UPDATED*

Remember, the Yanks kinda/sorta want this guy. OK, they covet him.  So does Texas, and any other team who has the resources to throw Lee’s way. It’s not quite pre-ordained that Lee will reunite with former Cleveland teammate CC Sabathia in pinstripes.  Notes Heyman (via Twitter):

#yankees plan to offer cliff lee 6-year deal. not thinking 7 because hes 4 yrs older than cc was as free agent.

Completing the loop of one leading MLB rumor breaker furthering the other, Sherman adds (via Twitter):

Can further @Ken_Rosenthal report, #Yankees have internally said 7 yrs is dealbreaker with Lee, would go to 6, perhaps, to finish off a deal

What’s it going to be? Will the Yanks go to $25m for six years, as absurd as that sounds?  Will some “mystery team” decide that seven years is worth the risk to land a guy like Cliff Lee?  We know, or we think we know, that the Yanks will outbid Texas in AAV and possibly the term of the contract. …

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