Takeaways from Jeter’s press conference

Quick shots, quotes and observations from Jeter’s press conference:

  • This is being held in Tampa, not in Orlando, where the rest of the baseball world is currently hanging out.
  • I think the entire Steinbrenner clan is there; Hal, Hank, Jennifer… Felix Lopez (EVP, Chief International Officer)
  • Tweet of note: @BloggingBombers: Hank Steinbrenner’s name has been removed from the dais.
  • Jeter has appeared in more victories than any other Yankee in history. Impressive stat.
  • Cashman: “I’d like to welcome Derek back to the Yankees. He never really left.”
  • Girardi: “I had the honor of playing next to Jeter, coaching Jeter and managing Jeter.”
  • Girardi: “I’m glad it’s over…. he’ll probably play a lot longer than that [three years]
  • Jeter: “I’ve never had one of these before.”
  • Jeter: “The only organization that I’ve ever wanted to play for.”

Open to questions after 5 minutes of nothing of any materiality said, Jeter added during the Q&A:

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Jeter "Angry" About How Negotiations Went

From Mark Feinsand: 2:45: Jeter on who he was angry with: “I’m not going to point the finger at anyone. As you can see now, we’re one big happy family.” 2:43: “Jeter: “The thing that probably bothered me the most was how public this became. … It was not an enjoyable experience. … I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t angry about how some of this went.” I understand Derek’s anger at how the negotiations went, and noted on a few occasions that the Yankees would have been better served keeping most of what was said private. Continue reading Jeter "Angry" About How Negotiations Went

Lee To Get 7 Year Offer, Unlikely To Be From Yanks

There has been a lot of back and forth on Cliff Lee this morning, with rumors swirling that the Nationals were prepared to hand him a very large 7 year deal. That was later dispelled by Jon Heyman and Adam Kilgore, and it is unclear whether the Nats are interested in lee at all. One theme that seems to remain, though, is that there is at least one team prepared to offer Lee that sort of length, and that it is likely not the Yankees: From Jon Heyman: Hearing there is a 7-year market for cliff lee (for 20-mil plus Continue reading Lee To Get 7 Year Offer, Unlikely To Be From Yanks

Jeter contract becomes official

So it is written, so it is done. The Yanks have called a presser at 2:30pm today in Tampa to announce the signing of Derek Sanderson Jeter. [Click here for the presser takeaways.]

MLBTR has the latest details on the deal:

Under the deal, Jeter will make $51MM across the first three seasons with a $8MM player option for the fourth year, Jack Curry tweets. The shortstop can also earn $9MM in incentives for the fourth year but if he earns no incentives while picking up the option, he’s guaranteed at least $56MM, says Curry (via Twitter). SI.com’s Jon Heyman explains in a pair of tweets that the incentives are based on finishes in the MVP, Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove voting. Curry adds adds that Jeter agreed to defer money, which helps the Yankees with their luxury tax situation going forward.

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Quick Wish List

I’m currently finishing up a whole heap of schoolwork (yay for the second to last week of classes), so this is going to be a very brief wish list. Christmas, after all, is coming soon. This isn’t the big wish list (Cliff Lee, Andy Pettitte), but a smaller wish list. Tell me in the comments what you think. 1. A cheap LOOGY like Randy Choate. 2. A right handed platoon outfielder like Matt Diaz or Scott Hairston. I wonder if either one of them will get a deal that is more than just for a platoon role. I doubt it, Continue reading Quick Wish List

It only takes one *UPDATED*

As we saw with Jayson Werth this weekend, it only takes one batsh*t crazy GM/owner to greenlight a deal that’s so above-market that it adjusts everything else as a result. Just in the last decade, we can look back fondly (unless you’re a fan of the team) at the deals given to Mike Hampton, Barry Zito, Vernon Wells, ARod I, ARod II, Aaron Rowand, Sarge Jr., etc.

All it takes is one. One owner or GM to go the extra year or the extra few million, or both.

Which naturally leads me to Cliff Lee. Yes, the Yanks are interested, you might have heard. Cliff Lee wants seven years. He’s already 32 years old and if I were him, I’d want a seven year deal, too. Says Rosenthal:

Lee, the prized free-agent left-hander, will receive a seven-year offer, according to major-league sources.

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The Boss should be in The Hall

It was announced on Monday that the Veteran’s Committee did not elect George Steinbrenner to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Boss received fewer than eight votes on the ballot, well shy of the 12 needed for enshrinement. This vote was a farce. George Steinbrenner should have been elected on the first ballot. Since Walter O’Malley moved the Dodgers to Los Angeles, no owner has had a greater impact on the game of baseball than George M. Steinbrenner III. Since 1973, when he purchased the Yankees for only $10 million, his teams have won seven World Series championships and 11 Continue reading The Boss should be in The Hall

Cashman quotes at the winter meetings

Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News has some quotes from Brian Cashman at the winter meetings, where he was asked a series of questions about his off season plans. Here they are: On his meeting with Braunecker: “We’ll keep taking advantage of the fact that we’re in the same area. I’m going to try to meet with him as much as I possibly can.” On the rest of his day: “I had one meeting with Darek today. The rest of it, my whole day has been on a number of different players, either from the clubs perspective trade-wise or Continue reading Cashman quotes at the winter meetings