Takeaways from Jeter’s press conference

Open to questions after 5 minutes of nothing of any materiality said, Jeter added during the Q&A:

  • This is the only organization that I ever want to play for…
  • “…Never planned on going anywhere else…
  • “I didn’t want to hear from any other teams…I didn’t want to play for any other teams”
  • What bothered me the most was how public this became...”
  • “…Not an enjoyable experience…”
  • “…Turned into a big public thing. Something I was not happy about…”
  • I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t angry about how some of this went…”
  • I thought I was portrayed incorrectly
  • “…Best organization in all of sports…best fans in all of sports…”
  • Angry at the process. Angry how he was betrayed. Heard “greed”, “ego”, “arrogance”.  (That’s my fault, sorry)
  • I’m in no position to demand anything...”
  • Something to prove? –> “Every year we go out to prove we’re the best team in baseball… I have nothing to prove to other people…”
  • I have a lot of years left in baseball
  • I’ve never shied away from criticism; I’ve taken it as a challenge…

First time I’ve ever seen Jeter admit to being angry at something like this or was this forthright in sharing his angry. …

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Quick Wish List

I’m currently finishing up a whole heap of schoolwork (yay for the second to last week of classes), so this is going to be a very brief wish list. Christmas, after all, is coming soon. This isn’t the big wish list (Cliff Lee, Andy Pettitte), but a smaller wish list. Tell me in the comments...

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It only takes one *UPDATED*

Remember, the Yanks kinda/sorta want this guy. OK, they covet him.  So does Texas, and any other team who has the resources to throw Lee’s way. It’s not quite pre-ordained that Lee will reunite with former Cleveland teammate CC Sabathia in pinstripes.  Notes Heyman (via Twitter):

#yankees plan to offer cliff lee 6-year deal. not thinking 7 because hes 4 yrs older than cc was as free agent.

Completing the loop of one leading MLB rumor breaker furthering the other, Sherman adds (via Twitter):

Can further @Ken_Rosenthal report, #Yankees have internally said 7 yrs is dealbreaker with Lee, would go to 6, perhaps, to finish off a deal

What’s it going to be? Will the Yanks go to $25m for six years, as absurd as that sounds?  Will some “mystery team” decide that seven years is worth the risk to land a guy like Cliff Lee?  We know, or we think we know, that the Yanks will outbid Texas in AAV and possibly the term of the contract. …

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The Boss should be in The Hall

It was announced on Monday that the Veteran’s Committee did not elect George Steinbrenner to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Boss received fewer than eight votes on the ballot, well shy of...

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