Romine Gushes about System’s Pitching

An on going theme of 2010 for the Yankees has been the vast improvement of the minor league system. What was once barren has now been replenished. There may be some kinks to work out–a few more potential impact position players would be nice–but behind Jesus Montero, there are definitely some high quality arms we...

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Comparing Yankees' Offseason Transactions from the Past Decade

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The New York Yankees are in the unfamiliar position of entering a new year without having made any significant improvements to the team. Although the free agent signings of Russell Martin and Pedro Feliciano are both positive complementary acquisitions, the team’s failure to make...

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Simulpost on ESPNNY: Throwing logic out the window: Manny vs. Thome

There are many solid and rational reasons why Thome doesn’t fit into the Yankees’ plan. Here are a few: 

  1. Taking one of the 25 roster spots severely limits Joe Girardi‘s roster flexibility by keeping one guy who can only hit.
  2. The roster is already lefty-heavy.
  3. He will turn 40 during the 2011 season.
  4. He will likely want more playing time than the Yanks can offer.

Yet, despite the prevailing logic that there’s no true need for a DH on the Yankees, I’ve long been a fan of Jim Thome. By all accounts, his character is off the charts and a great addition to any locker room. The idea of watching him take aim at the short porch in right field is certainly tantalizing. Looking at Thome’s 2010 results, we can only be impressed at his effectiveness: 25 home runs in only 340 plate appearances (108 games) while posting a superb slash line of .283/.412/.627. Thome’s 2009, aside from his 17-game pinch-hitter stint in LA, was comparable with 23 home runs in 417 plate appearances and 249/.372/.493.…

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Miranda to get a shot in Arizona

Former Yankee prospect Juan Miranda is likely to get a shot at the full time 1B gig in Arizona. The Yankees, you’ll remember, traded Miranda for pitcher Scottie Allen a little more than a month ago.

This is definitely encouraging news. Miranda had a solid minor league track record and if not for Mark...

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Jeff Francis: fourth (or fifth) starter?

Given the Yankees’ need for starting pitching, Jeff Francis‘ name has unsurprisingly recently come up in connection to the team, so let’s take a look at whether the lifelong NL West pitcher makes any sense for the Bombers.

After a breakout 4.1 fWAR season in 2007 with the Rockies in which he posted...

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Nolan Ryan, unplugged

Well, you’re obviously aware of the impact that contracts and the escalation of salaries have on the game and the thing that concerns me is keeping the game affordable for families and that’s what our goal is: to have affordable family entertainment. Now, of all professional sports, we’re still number one in that area; finding ways because of the number of games that we play to discount tickets, to put on promotions on certain nights to allow families to come to the games. But, as salaries continue to escalate and expenses pertaining to the club and the organization continue to escalate, that challenge continues to be greater every year. So, we have to try and be creative as we can and we certainly do not lose focus is that the fans are our bread and butter and that we have to try to do everything we can within our ability to enable them to come to the ball games and enjoy the ball games.

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Francisco Cervelli, Backup Catcher: No More, No Less

[image title=”aj-burnett-cervelli-blue-jays-c59a070ecb8363bb_large” size=”full” id=”23979″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
One Yankees player who inspires some strong emotions among members of the fanbase is Francisco Cervelli. He started 2010 very hot, with a .387 wOBA in April fooling some into believing that he was an everyday player. With Jorge Posada’s defense continuing to deteriorate, a rapidly growing portion...

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