ESPNNY Simulpost: The bottom of the barrel is in sight


I’m happy to be filling in for Andrew Marchand and Wallace Matthews this week. A bit about me: I am the founder and lead writer of the ESPN-affiliated SweetSpot Network site, It’s About The Money. You can follow me and my writers on Twitter.

It’s December 27th and the New York Yankees are still waiting to hear from Andy Pettitte. The final two rotation spots will, as of right now, be filled by the likes of Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre. Like most of you, these options don’t fill me with confidence, though we’re not hitting the panic button just yet.

The free agent options for the Yanks are dwindling fast, with Brandon Webb signing with the Rangers yesterday. Webb, once a Cy Young winner, is now just another pitcher recovering from a serious shoulder injury. And shoulder injuries, unlike elbows, are much more difficult to return from.

So who could be a possible target for the Yanks to fill in the back end of the rotation? The choices aren’t inspiring.

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Guest blogging on ESPNNY

In a last minute call-up, I will be guest blogging on ESPN New York this week, filling in for Andrew Marchand and Wallace Matthews. I will be simulposting here as well, but make sure you guys join the comments section over at ESPN, too.

I’m open to topics and mailbag items, so don’t be shy!

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Making a Team from the Current 40-Man Roster

So let’s play a little “What If” here. Let’s pretend that the Yankees don’t make any more moves before the start of the season and decide to make a roster only out of the players currently on the 40 Man Roster. So, that discounts Jesus Montero. I considered making an exception since the plan for 2011 includes him, but, for once, I’ll be strict in my roster construction. We’ve got 18 pitchers to choose from, and we’ll go with, as most teams do, a 13 man pitching staff: 5 starters, 8 relievers. SP: 1. CC Sabathia 2. Phil Hughes 3. Continue reading Making a Team from the Current 40-Man Roster

Disagreeing with Davidoff

In his column yesterday, Ken Davidoff gave his Baseball Person of the Year Award to Armando Galarraga and Jim Joyce. That’s not what I disagree with. Despite a monumental mistake made by the latter, both of them showed a great deal of class and dignity moving forward. What I disagree with is what Davidoff suggests later: Therefore, it’s not inconceivable that Soriano could wind up as the most expensive setup man in baseball history, if he finds a team willing to make such an investment. The Yankees should consider it. If Andy Pettitte retires, they’ll have big money to spend, Continue reading Disagreeing with Davidoff

Trying to Convince Everyone Not to Worry

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named didn’t sign with New York, Zack Greinke was traded to the Brewers, Matt Garza probably won’t be traded within the division (I don’t think you want him anyway), Carl Pavano is the best free-agent left but won’t come back to New York, and Felix Hernandez will not be traded to New York. Oh no! What will the Yankees do? It’s okay. I’m here to show you why.

The “Team Total” is the number of wins added by the players over replacement plus the number of games that a replacement-level team would theoretically win (48). Anyone not in the table that played for the Yankees last season accumulated 0 fWAR +/-0.1 and were not worth putting in the table. Let it also be known that this was not “scientifically” done and should be taken as a rough estimate.

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Snowy Sunday linkaround

Greetings from a snowy Sunday in suburban NYC. Here’s some reading material in case you’re favorite NFL team is not play, playing poorly or you just want some baseball stuff to nibble on during halftime:

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Olney: Yankees have no interest in signing Manny Ramirez

Via a tweet from ESPN’s Buster Olney, our original suspicions were confirmed. The Yankees will not be adding Manny Ramirez this off-season. Heard this: The Yankees have no interest in signing Manny Ramirez. Jorge Posada will be the full-time DH, and they have three OFers lined up That makes all the sense in the world and I don’t think this is disinformation or double-speak from the front office. Manny on 2011 Yankees just makes no sense. He may still be able to hit, but he can’t field to save his life and the Yankees, as Olney reminds us, have a Continue reading Olney: Yankees have no interest in signing Manny Ramirez

Will A.J. bounce back in 2011?

Recently I’ve been playing around with Baseball-Reference’s similarity scores, a tool designed to compare baseball players to other players with similar careers. I used the stat to try to forecast the next couple of seasons for some key Yankees. Somehow, amazingly, I forgot the single most important key Yankee: A.J. Burnett. As much as it pains me to write it (full disclosure: I’m a Burnett fan, although I can’t explain why), A.J. remains the single most important Yankee in any given season or postseason. Until the Yankees get a rotation of five reliable starters, with Burnett serving as the sixth Continue reading Will A.J. bounce back in 2011?

So what’d ya get?

My family all know that I’m a huge Yankee fan, so each year there’s a certain amount of Yankee-related stuff involved in the gift giving that heads my way. Generally speaking it’s stuff like commemorative T-shirts, sweatshirts, or a signed piece of memorabilia to display in the living room. The above recliner has yet to find its way under my Christmas tree, so I’m just going to have to try harder to be really good next year. I’m convinced that if I owned this recliner, the Yanks would never lose again. Or at least never lose a game that I Continue reading So what’d ya get?