What happened to Joba Chamberlain, starting pitcher?

Per Marc Carig on Twitter yesterday, Brian Cashman was once again asked whether Joba Chamberlain would be given another chance to win a spot in the rotation. Cashman’s answer? “It’s [Chamberlain’s starting...

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Gap Year?

A commenter on RAB last night brought up an interesting point.

Has anybody yet considered the out-of-this-world possibility that like all other franchises, it’s ok for the Yankees to have a gap year?

In the back of all our minds, I’m sure we’ve considered this. And as soon as we did, we likely got sick, annoyed,...

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Facepalming a HOF vote

Back to BigRed’s silliness (emphasis mine):

Last year Andre Dawson was the only player voted in by the scribes. Dawson was a fine player but a tad boring. Future induction ceremonies are going to be awkward when nice players are enshrined while folks such as Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds perhaps remain on the outside looking in. Is that what fans want? Where is the line as we cherrypick our way through the proven cheaters and guys who merely look suspicious?

Because this is the fifth paragraph in the article, the irony in the bolded sentence isn’t yet fully appreciated.  Suffice it to say, BigRed draws that line in big red ink later on. What bothers me is BigRed’s assertion that because Dawson was a fine ballplayer but didn’t have a sense of panache, he’s somehow less worthy or not exactly celebratory. Oy. More exciting players, like Bonds and Clemens, would therefore be a better fit for the Hall, but they’re part of the “Steroid Boys”.…

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Catching up with Matt Sosnick

IIATMS: Nolasco has been in the rumor mill for a while now and has reportedly been attracting a great deal of interest. Now, with his three year deal, he’ll be able to focus on remaining in FLA and less worrying about being traded. Was this deal more about security or more about Nolasco’s desire to remain in Florida, where clearly, there’s a bit of uncertainty about spending?

  • MS: Nolasco’s deal was about both. He is very comfortable in Florida and believes the organization is going in the right direction. He also understands that he was still under team control for two more years, so the deal provides a nice guarantee for a guy who had a bit of a freak injury at the end of the year and understands the value of a guarantee. The security, combined with the comfort and familiarity of south Florida made this deal work.

IIATMS: One of your most exciting players, Kyle Blanks (with me and my boys in the picture to the right), had a very rough 2010 with a slow start followed by Tommy John surgery.…

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Managing Risk As A GM (The Greinke Situation)

A hot topic amongst Yankees fans over the last few days has been the mental state of Zack Greinke and his ability to handle New York. Many contended that his Social Anxiety Disorder made him a lock to melt down in New York, an assumption that is simply ignorant of the many contours of the...

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Top (or really, bottom) 10 least valuable Yankees of the last 10 seasons

Back in the “Save Phil Hughes” days I once ran a post in which I tried to determine “The crappiest 25-man Yankee roster of all time,” which is always...

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What would a two-slot spring training rotation battle look like?

If Andy Pettitte does not resign, the Yankees are currently set up to enter spring training with two open rotation spots. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember that ever being the case on the modern Yankees. Even in 2008, when the Yankees attempted to use Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, and later Joba...

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