Yankees sign Freddy Garcia, [insert joke here]

In another low-risk move that undoubtedly has the Yankee beat corps in stitches, the Yankees have agreed to terms with Freddy Garcia on a minor league deal worth a guaranteed $1.5 million. I don’t have much of a reaction to this transaction, other than that I have no problem with stockpiling arms for Spring Training to put pressure on everyone currently in contention for a rotation slot. Basically everything we said about the Bartolo Colon signing applies here, except that Garcia actually pitched in 2010, and while he wasn’t exactly good, he still somehow managed 1.3 fWAR. If I feel Continue reading Yankees sign Freddy Garcia, [insert joke here]

Garcia in on Minor League Deal

Via Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, the Yankees have reached an agreement with Freddy Garcia on a Minor League deal. Garcia marks the third formerly successful Major League pitcher the Yankees have signed to a minor league deal this year, along with Mark Prior and Bartolo Colon. Like any Minor League deal, it’s hard to argue with this. It does nothing but add depth and give the Yankees insurance for Ivan Nova, Sergio Mitre, and would allow the Yankees to give their pitching prospects more time to get Major League ready in case of an injury or ineffectiveness. In 2010, Garcia Continue reading Garcia in on Minor League Deal

Should The Yankees DH Montero To Keep His Bat In The Lineup?

Keith Law ranked Jesus Montero 4th among all prospects in his recent prospect rankings, and made a very interesting comment about Montero’s future that struck me as fodder for discussion: There’s also a concern about the long-term effects that catching will have on Montero’s knees. He is listed at 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, and only five players in MLB history have caught 200 games at or above those numbers, three of them (Joe Mauer, Chris Snyder, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia) have had knee and/or back problems. With a bat this potentially strong, why risk injury or give up the 20-25 games a Continue reading Should The Yankees DH Montero To Keep His Bat In The Lineup?

Rob Neyer to leave ESPN

“Neyer joined ESPN.com in 1996, and since then he’s written more words for this site than anybody.”

– Neyer’s ESPN.com bio

The news is finally out: Rob Neyer is ending his 15 year run at ESPN:

Today, I hand off this space to whoever’s next. I don’t know yet who is next, but I’m highly confident that this blog and the SweetSpot Network will soon be in excellent hands.

I’ve known about this move for about a week or so now and despite this, I am still a bit slackjawed. Like most of you, I began reading Rob daily back when he started with ESPN so many years ago. I’ve pretty much read everything he’s written. I, and others, haven’t always agreed with everything, but say this about the man: he’s fair and he’s thoughtful.

Rob was among the first, if not the first, to bring sports blogging into the mainstream. For that, we should all be grateful for his contributions to the MLB community. I know I am.

(click “view full post” to read more) Continue reading Rob Neyer to leave ESPN

End of an era: Neyer leaves ESPN

You no doubt will have heard the news by the time you read this post, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that Rob Neyer is leaving ESPN.com after 15 years of service. I remember first reading Rob if not in 1996 when he began, shortly thereafter, as I have a vivid memory of inputting ESPN’s clunky old URL, ESPNet.Sportszone.com into my browser and wondering why they opted for such a goofy moniker. Of course, these were the pre-Google days of the Internet, which for all intents and purposes may as well have been 1,000 years ago, Continue reading End of an era: Neyer leaves ESPN

Granderson’s Goodwill Tour Helps Ripen Kiwis' Interest in Baseball; Sport’s International Footprint Continues to Grow

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). Yankees’ CF Curtis Granderson recently returned from a goodwill tour of New Zealand, where he not only experienced the unique culture of the island nation, but also served as an ambassador to the country’s fledgling baseball community. Naturally, Granderson’s activities were mostly ignored by the New York tabloids. Wallace Mathews of ESPNNewYork did briefly cover the trip in a blog post, but only to drum up controversy by linking to video of the centerfielder riding on the backseat of a motorcycle. Fortunately, in this age of social media, fans were able to Continue reading Granderson’s Goodwill Tour Helps Ripen Kiwis' Interest in Baseball; Sport’s International Footprint Continues to Grow

A Tale of One Hot Stove Season

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (Writer’s Note: I may not have come up with that line on my own) As the Hot Stove season winds to a close and pitchers and catchers start reporting and Spring Training begins, we’re going to see a lot of articles grading the Yankees’ offseason. If I’m a good predictor, which I think I can be at times, many of these columns are going to be negative in nature. The case? They’re going to probably call the Yankee offseason a failure because they didn’t land Cliff Lee. They Continue reading A Tale of One Hot Stove Season

Selig: A picture of “blissful neglect”?

Phil Mushick ordered and executed the Code Red on Bud Selig today:

After all, why would the solvency and business methods of the owners of the New York Mets be any of Selig’s business? He’s only the commissioner. Why would he even care to know, let alone ask?

Selig long ago made it clear his stewardship is based on not knowing, on ignoring and not examining, on blissful neglect, thus everyone, players and owners, should get out there and grab everything they can. […]

So what a shock it must still be to Selig that all those guys who suddenly began to hit 50, 60, 70 home runs were on drugs.

But what’s up with the Wilpons and the Mets? Hey, one thing at a time.


For all of the Wilpon-related mess, click here. Continue reading Selig: A picture of “blissful neglect”?

Swish Wants to Stay

Way back on November 29 of last year, I wrote a piece looking forward to the 2011-2012 Hot Stove season. On the list of possibly expiring contracts was fan favorite, Nick Swisher. Like Cano, Nick Swisher has an option for the 2012 season ($10.25MM) with a $1MM buy out. The OF FA class of 2012 doesn’t look particularly strong and Swisher’s got a skill set that should age well. He’s also gotten himself into very good shape and doesn’t have a body that is likely to break down. I’d bet on the Yankees picking up that relatively cheap option and Continue reading Swish Wants to Stay