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5 thoughts on “Winningest Pitchers by Decade
(in rolling 10 year increments, 1980-current)

  1. Wow – that's actually even more amazing than I might have imagined. Both the results and the work you must have put in to get that together.

    I don't think this says much about HOF qualifications either way though. If anything, it would suggest that Pettitte doesn't qualify. Sabathia certainly doesn't (yet?).

    • It wasn't as much work as you might think. B-R has a Play Index where you can pull this sort of data easily. The hard part was figuring out the chart to show it nicely. Not exactly what I wanted but it works.

  2. That's an impressive post, no doubt.
    But are we now judging pitchers by Wins?
    I guess then that Felix sucks?
    As did Mel Stottlemyre for the Yankees? (mid 60's to 70's)

    How about doing that post by some combination of ERA+/WHIP/FIP, etc?

    • OYF:

      That's the rub, ain't it? Wins don't matter in any one year, it seems, but for a career, they do.

      This came out of the Morris supporters who brag about him being the winningest pitcher of the 80's.

      • Right, but that's the problem: Jack Morris may have been the winningest pitcher over several 10-year increments, but he still wasn't even close to the "best" pitcher during that time. I agree that I'd love to see this with ERA+.

        Love it nonetheless.