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6 thoughts on “Trevor Hoffman retires

  1. No doubt a HOF-er. He was never Mariano, but he's stayed clean and 600 damn saves is insane, considering only Mo and he ever came close to 500! 3rd Pad in the HOF, but 2nd REAL Pad in the Hall (sorry, but Winfield as a Padre is wrong) after Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn.

    I will go to the game when they retire Trevor's #51 and comes in to Hells Bells for the last time.

    • You don't know he's clean any more than you know any other player you named is clean. we THINK he's clean. we want to BELIEVE he's clean. but we just cannot say with any 100% certainty. Unfortunately.

      Sad but true.

  2. Trevor was definitely clean. He never showed any of the usual symptoms of being on PEDs — his body stayed lean his entire career; his head didn't grow in size; he was in complete control of his emotions — there was never any sign of steroid rage. Anybody who is a Padres fan knows how clean he lived — he had an incredible workout routine and was very picky about what he put in his body. Don't even give any inkling that he used anything illegal to improve his performance. Plus, how would PEDs help a changeup?

    • PadreDog: I agree with everything you've said, and I also believe with my heart that Trevor is 100% clean.

      However, and I mean this sincerely since I noted that Hoffman was one of my favorite players, there is zero way you or I would ever know if he was or wasn't clean. You cannot tell by looking at players. Not everyone bulks up Bonds-like. How many middle infielders and relief pitchers were already identified as users? Too many.

      Yes, Hoffman had a great workout routine and didn't grow much in size. So did ARod.

      My point is, we will NEVER know the 100% truth about any of this, so we have to believe what we want to believe.

  3. Clean or dirty, congrats on a great career. (and FINALLY – wasn't sure if he would ever retire, and if he kept pitching, wasn't sure if Mo even wanted to pitch long enough to catch him.)

    With a little luck and some help from the bats, Mo should be in line for most saves ever sometime in the summer of '12.