I suppose this was inevitable

Cashman is far from perfect.

I wasn’t exactly gung-ho about the Vazquez signing or the Johnson signing but no GM is going to bat 1.000. I know we, the fans, tend to ascribe the “good deals” to Cashman and the “bad deals” to ownership forcing Cashman’s hand. There’s Kei Igawa rotting in AAA earning $4m a year for the last four years; he’ll be a free agent next year, San Diego!  Damaso Marte will be on the DL until the second half of 2011. The list of bad signings during Cashman’s tenure is a long one. At the same time, Cashman made some deft moves (aside from the cash showers bestowed upon Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, etc.) that include the increased focus and valuation on the farm system that has developed guys like Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner and (hopefully) Jesus Montero. And then there’s the fleecing of the White Sox to land Nick Swisher. Oh yeah, Marcus Thames was a nice find by Cashman, no?

I didn’t agree with Cashman’s tactics this off-season with respect to the public nature of Jeter’s negotiations, either.

Cashman’s contract is up after 2011. He faces an uphill battle as the RedSox have made loud, strong strides this off-season while the Yanks missed on their biggest, singular focus. Hey, it happens. If the Yanks flop this year and finish a disappointing third in the AL East, it might be enough of an impetus for ownership and Randy Levine to try to “Joe Torre” Cashman, by lowballing him. Cashman has a ton of pride and wants to be respected for his ability to GM, not just for his ability to spend the Steinbrenner’s cash.

Me? I hope he stays.

Video from ESPN on this subject:

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3 thoughts on “I suppose this was inevitable

  1. It's still too early to criticize Cash for this offseason or to heap praise on the Sawx for what they've done.

    What happens is Gonzalez hurts his shoulder again and Crawford has a ho-hum year? That, combined with some of the other bad deals Boston had made, would bring them right back to the pack.

    Everybody needs to let the season start and see what happens on the field before they start crucifying Cash and bowing down to Theo.

    • As a Red Sox and Pats fan, I can honestly say that there's no comparison between Brady and Theo. Brady wins every time. The man was caught wearing a Yankee hat, and everyone forgave him. If Theo was caught wearing a Jets hat, there'd be an angry mob lined up outside of Fenway's offices.

      As for Captain's post, I have to agree. It's too early to criticize Cashman. His handling of the Jeter negotiations left little to be desired, but someone needs to have an honest discussion with him about his true value. Quite frankly, Jeter was delusional regarding his on field value. While has tremendous intangible and off field value, that rarely factors into contract negotiations. Jeter should've expected a premium for his leadership qualities, but he wanted a 40% increase.

      Also, Cashman's handling of the Lee situation was absolutely flawless. He was near perfect, and lost. Sometimes that happens. It really sucks when that happens. It happened with Theo and Teixeira a few years ago, and it sucked then too. I like that Cashman's not forcing a move to trade for another starter. It might actually be smarter to see how the season develops over the first three months, and then make a move sometime around July if the trade market develops in their favor.

      The Red Sox are far from a done deal for the playoffs. Personally, I think Ellsbury is grossly overrated by RSN, and I'm mortified by the thought of him patrolling CF. Beckett and Lackey had subpar seasons last year, which is never something you want to see from pitchers on the wrong side of 30. Buchholz benefitted greatly from the luck dragon last year on home runs and balls in play. A-Gon's shoulder should hold up, but what if it doesn't? Then there's Papelbon, the $12M closer that's fallen from grace now that he's lost the elite control that helped make him such a dominant closer.

      I'm still predicting the Sox to win the division, but 95-98 wins–not the 100-105 wins some of the loonies in RSN are predicting. As of right now, the Yankees seem like a lock for at least 92 wins and the wild card. As we all know, anything can happen once you get to a best of five or best of seven series.