Yankees to Sign Jones

Our long national nightmare is over! After a few weeks of speculating and negotiating, the Yankees are set to sign Andruw Jones to a deal. It’s going to pay Jones $2 million in base salary along with a possible $1.2 million that Jones can earn in incentives. The terms for said incentives have not been released.

$2 million is a little more than I thought Jones would get in salary, but not by much; I assumed he’d get about $1.5MM, so I wasn’t too far off. Still, that’s a fine price for Jones, who can play all three outfield spots–though he’s better at the corners at this point–and can hit lefties well. An added bonus is that Jones isn’t completely lost against right handed pitching.

There’s really nothing to dislike about this deal. It’s short term, it’s for small money, and it helps the team on the field immediately. Jones will be used to spell Brett Gardner and/or Curtis Granderson against tough left handers, depending on who needs time off, who’s hitting better against lefties, etc. Welcome to the Bronx, Andruw; we look forward to you donning the pinstripes!

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One thought on “Yankees to Sign Jones

  1. agreed. Having a decent fielder who does well against lefties would have helped a lot last year, and should be just as big of a boon in 2011.