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9 thoughts on “Yanks agree to terms with Andruw Jones

  1. If he's used against mainly lefties, Jones will be a serious asset offensively. And he can actually play decent to good defense, while Thames was a gigantic liability out there.

    This will fly under the radar, but is actually a very important signing.

  2. This gives the Yankees a ton of flexibility as Jones can play all 3 OF spots, Gardner can flip between LF and CF, and Swish could play LF in a pinch, in addition to backing up 1B.

    And in addition to helping with injury issues and the occasional platoon against a tough lefty starter, it gives Girardi the ability to pinch hit for either Granderson or Gardner late in games against a lefty with minimal impact on defense, or take Swisher out late for defense.

    The only question/risk is how his bat will hold up if he is not playing regularly. In any event for 2mil this is a real good signing. The only question is what they will do for a utility infielder (Nunez? Pena?) and whether they look for a back end of the rotation starter (I think they should wait as you don't really need a 5th starter much early on in April, and who knows with Pettitte).