More on the “messed up Joba”

Joe Tetreault brought the logic on the subject:

Small sample size caveats apply. In August and September, Chamberlain made 28 appearances, had a 2.36 ERA and held opponents to a .200/.245/.350 batting line, facing 106 batters. Does that say he’s fine? Of course not. But the notion that Chamberlain is a busted commodity overstates things by a damn sight. Small samples size caveats off. He’s 25 years old, has pitched 353.1 innings in the major leagues and owns an ERA of 3.77 and a K/9 of 9.2. Exactly how is it that we regard him as being messed up badly?

The only way the Yankees will truly mess up with regards to Chamberlain is if they listen to their fans and media types who insist he can’t make it in the Bronx and sell him off for fifty cents on the dollar.

Amen brother. Amen.

Some Joba-related splits to nibble on:

1st Half 84 2.20 .264 .349 .387 .736 .335
2nd Half 82 3.05 .234 .302 .369 .671 .295
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as Starter 43 25 2.04 .266 .351 .407 .759 .322
as Reliever 123 8 3.71 .222 .285 .329 .614 .307
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3 thoughts on “More on the “messed up Joba”

  1. I too did an analysis on Joba and believe that the potential still exists for him to be a force for them in the bullpen.

    Though he was wildly inconsistent as indicated by both of our analyses, when he was on, he looked great. He was able to pump the fastball into the upper 90's (I remember in arizona, he hit 98 several times) and for a duration of the season, he averaged 96 mph with his fastball.

    My stance is that the Yankees should let Joba continue to develop and see what wonders can be done with increased time removed from injury.

  2. I agree that he's better than people perceive him to be. Much better. But that's the issue. He is good. So why not start him? Even in his "failed" year as a starter, he was substantially better than I would expect burnett or mitre or nova to be this season. So why not start him? I have too much respect for Cash to think it's pure stubborn-ness. So what is it? They have to know that he's a better option than their current choices. And even if they believe he's the rp that he was at the end of last season – an elite rp – they hardly need that. W soriano, month, robertson and the lefties…joba would be helpful, but not nearly as much as he would be as a starter.

    Can we hope for at least some non-traditional usage of joba – maybe 2-3 ip at a time? Something.

  3. Give Joba a chance to win a starting job like they did last year. Down in his heart he wants it, he's been faithful to the organization, and they need to be faithful to him.