Outtakes from the Cashman breakfast from @amandarykoff

@amandarykoff: Cashman: to be honest what can wear you out here in NY is the media coverage.

Cue the “Cashman’s outta here” rants, one more time.

@amandarykoff: Cashman: “The higher up the tree the monkey climbs, the more you see of his ass.”

Someone’s being brutally honest!

@amandarykoff: Cashman: Pettitte is still not in, he’s not retired, but he is working out. Discounts joining team mid-season.

The tea leaves are still cloudy. I’m looking for my Magic 8 Ball. Personally, my bet has been placed in the “he’s going to return” camp.

@amandarykoff: Cashman on A.J.: he knows he has a problem and he’s doing all he can to fix it. Yikes.

We can only hope. Another year of Bad AJ will be another really bad year. I’m cautiously optimistic that Rothschild will be able to help “fix AJ.”  #FIXAJ

@amandarykoff: Francesa: Any chance of Joba in the rotation? Cashman: No. He hasn’t been same since injury in TX.

RAB’s Ben Kabak jumped on this immediately, noting that this was the first public admission that the injury was the reason for Chamberlain‘s banishment to the bullpen, with seemingly no chance of parole. This was a major tidbit that I’m not sure Cashman wanted to let slip, but given his recent bout with truthiness, perhaps it was.

@amandarykoff: Catching situation: Jorge DH. Open competition in camp for starting catcher at major league level.

Wasn’t Russell Martin supposed to be the one year “Bridge To Jesus?”

@amandarykoff: Cashman on Andruw Jones: He’s like Marcus Thames with slightly better defense.

“Slightly”?  Egads. I thought Jones was at the very least, a sizable upgrade defensively from Thames, and for the cost, a great signing.

@amandarykoff: Francesa: Who’s better team today – Red Sox or Yankees? Cashman: Red Sox. But we have better bullpen.

A wonderful example of Cashman’s passive-aggressiveness. A backhanded compliment?  Either way, I chuckled at this one.

@amandarykoff: Fan: what happens with Jeter? Cashman: I’d be surprised if he plays SS for all 4 years. I see him moving to OF.

Once upon a time, I thought Jeter could make the transition to OF. Though, I was thinking he could do it NOW, not four years from now.

@amandarykoff: Cashman on Mariano: He’s cool, calm and collected. The best Yankee I’ve ever seen. *crowd applauds*

Yes, yes he is. And yet another subtle slap at Jeter?

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6 thoughts on “Outtakes from the Cashman breakfast from @amandarykoff


    Ok, a couple of serious points:

    1. I don't think Martin was brought in to be a "bridge" to Jesus so much as an insurance policy for him. Someone who could fill in if Jesus isn't ready at the beginning of this season. But if they feel that Montero can step right in coming out of spring training, I don't think there's any way they were ever going to play Martin over Montero. In that case, Martin becomes a much better back up than Cervelli.

    2. Jeter probably can't play the outfield much better than he can play shortstop, but at least he won't be as much of a liability in left field.

    3. Of course, that doesn't matter anyway, because Jeter is Da Captain and he ALWAYS does the right thing for the team, so if he can't rebound at the plate he'll surely retire and forfeit the rest of that money so that he's not an albatross for 2 or 3 years. Right?

  2. Gotta love Cashman, he has zero chance at winning a long term fight with Derek Jeter. But to quote Julius Caesar "the die has been cast"… the bridge has been burned, and Cashman is going to go down with a fight.

    Futile, and short sighted, but I do admire the effort.

  3. Like I said, the effort by Cashman to continue to pick fights with Jeter is, in some ways, admirable. Ballsy for sure, but unbelievably shortsighted.

    The guy is literally burning his own bridge with the Yankee organization over the next 40 years right before our eyes. Maybe there is some truth to the idea that he's fed up with the Yankees and wants to move on to a different team. Or maybe he's just being a fool. I guess we'll find out.