Yanks sign Bartolo Colon to minor league deal

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10 thoughts on “Yanks sign Bartolo Colon to minor league deal

  1. Sabrina

    Wow now the yanks are hoping either mark prior or colon aka fat man(my nickname for him) pitches so well that we have instant solution to our rotation. Didn't he pitch for us before? I recall that not going well.

    • LarryAtIIATMS

      Nope Sabrina, Colon was never a Yankee, not before today anyway.

      In addition to Colon and Prior, the list of guys the Yankees have signed and are unlikely to pitch include: Robert Fish (Rule 5 draft), Steve Garrison (waived by Padres last September), Brian Schlitter (waived by Cubs), Dan Turpen (Rule 5 draft) and Justin Duchscherer (free agent). Also belonging on the list of pitchers that won't pitch for the Yankees are Kei Igawa (still under contract) and Damaso Marte (also under contract and on the DL until at least the all-star break).

      I should make a comment at this point, but words fail me.

      • Duchscherer has not been signed by the Yanks, Larry. Not yet, at least

        • LarryAtIIATMS

          Oh, right. Forgive me. The guy's been injured the last two years, he's mentioned in an IIATMS post, so I naturally assumed …

      • Sabrina

        Ok I get confused. We had another white sox pitcher. Who had a won 21 games I think. Got them mixed up. Ummm we still have igawa…god help us. I still think we are one pitcher away from being ok.

  2. Marc

    What a waste of $900K! Still better than $10M for Pavano!

    • Don W

      "…if he makes the team,…."

      If he makes the team it means he's pitching well enough to earn the $. If he doesn't he doesn't get 99k.

  3. LarryAtIIATMS

    Long shot that he gets anywhere close to River Avenue. (written after 10 minutes of LMAO)

  4. Kei Igawa

    only 900k? my bullpen catcher makes more than that.

  5. jay_robertson

    I agree – its a fairly low risk deal; but, after awhile, sign enough "low dollar, low risk" contracts, and you end up spending enough money to go sign Nick Johnson.

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