Keith Law’s MLB prospect manifesto

And the other Yankees prospect who finished in the Top 25, actually an impressive #12 overall: Manny Banuelos:

Banuelos was on the prospect radar last year as a competitive, strike-throwing lefthander with a good changeup and a chance to add velocity. Now he’s a 19-year-old on the cusp of the majors with a three-pitch mix where all three pitches will at least flash above-average.

Banuelos did pick up some velocity and will now work at 90-94 mph with his fastball; he commands the pitch extremely well to both sides of the plate, and its only flaw is a lack of sink. His changeup in the 78-84 range has both excellent arm speed and tremendous fade, and he showed an improved curveball with two-plane break in the upper 70s.

Banuelos’ 2010 season started in June because he had his appendix removed right before the season started, but he had little trouble with high-A hitters and finished strongly in Double-A and in the Arizona Fall League. He’ll start 2011 in Double-A, but even though he’s 19 he’s close to maxed out physically now, so he’s just a few refinements away from being able to help the big league club.

And here’s the Yanks Top 10, per Law:

New York Yankees
1. Jesus Montero, C (4)
2. Manny Banuelos, LHP (12)
3. Gary Sanchez, C (68)
4. Dellin Betances, RHP (73)
5. Andrew Brackman, RHP (88)
6. Austin Romine, C
7. Graham Stoneburner, RHP
8. Slade Heathcott, OF
9. Hector Noesi, RHP
10. Adam Warren, RHP

Oh, and just to rain on the parade a smidge: Arodys Vizcaino, traded to Atlanta for Javy Vazquez, ranks #48 overall.

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24 thoughts on “Keith Law’s MLB prospect manifesto

  1. should you really post all this insider info? u sure he's ok with that? this stuff is worth the pay fee.

    jus asking

  2. These extended excerpts remind me that Keith Law's columns are worth the price of admission.

  3. more I think bout it this should be taken down. if each teamcentered blog did this… its undermining keiths work IMO.

    • Your concerns are noted. I will check with ESPN to see if I've over-quoted.

      I will say, however, posting two of 100 profiles isn't a huge deal, in my view.

  4. Disagree wholeheartedly. This should be kept up as it is a taste of the info that Keith provides. His site isn't one on my radar but it is now. Since I am intrigued I will most likely go and pay to see the rest of his information.

  5. i understand its only 2 of 100. but you removed much of incentive for nyy fans to pay. maybe im wrong but couldn't hurt to ask as im sure u r a keith fan. big fan of the blog by the way.

  6. Matt,

    I already have an ESPN insider account, and quite frankly, a posting like this would not stop me from re-upping it. Theres many other writers that are only accessible with this type of account who do not get snippets posted, so even if he reposted the entire article, it wouldnt affect my decision to pay for this service. In fact, since I really dont care about many of the other teams top prospects, this is a nice, easily digestable article for me to read quickly at work.

    Thanks for posting this Jason.

    Also, Im not quite sure why people make a big deal about Montero being a catcher. The Yankees dont need him to. If either Sanchez or Romine is projected to be a better defensive catcher, they get the full time gig, since theyve both been projected to have at least average bats. Montero having the ABILITY to catch is great since he could possibly spell the full-time catcher if necessary, but if hes only able to play 130-140 games a season there, as opposed to 150-160 at DH? Let the other guys catch. The Yankees have plenty of depth there.

  7. Since this blog is loosely affiliated with ESPN, and Jason runs the site, I think we should let him decide what's appropriate to quote and what isn't. After all, he'll be dealing with the backlash if he crosses the line.

    • Thanks Charles.

      To all: I cleared this with Rob Neyer. Since he's my "boss", or "overlord", I think I am OK. If I have overstepped, someone else will let me know.

  8. Thanks for posting, Jason. Can't see the uproar over two – you also gave links to the other 8, and none of those links work – they only bring me to the teaser header and signup page. Strange world – I would have expected complaints about you shilling for a pay site; instead, you're getting raked for giving away parts of two reviews, out of one hundred.

    As long as IIATMS doesn't become INSIDER content, I'm good.

    • The links from the players should be to the “grouping”, ie 1-25, 26-50, etc.

      If they weren’t ranked in the Top 100, the links should be to

  9. Ok, I like the idea of Montero being full time DH, but the question then is what do you do on days when you need to DH Arod or Tex or Jete? I think we all agree that Arod is going to be a full time DH as well when his contract is up. Any thoughts on how you would juggle all those players around one DH position?

  10. From a purely legal standpoint, §107 of the Copyright Act provides a limitation on the copyright owners exclusive rights. This allows the fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

    The courts generally look at 4 factors in determining a fair use defense against infringement:
    (1)the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
    (2)the nature of the copyrighted work (i.e., fact vs. fiction);
    (3)the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
    (4)the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

    You only copied 2 of 100 player profiles, so factor 3 is in your certainly in your favor. However, IIATMS is a for-profit website (right?) and Keith's work – although containing some factual material – was essentially his opinion. With regards to factor 4, I noticed Matt said "you removed much of incentive for nyy fans to pay." Whether this feeling is shared by more than just him, would have to be determined.

    To be on the safe side, I would email Keith.

  11. These are not the responses I expected when I clicked the "View Full Post" button. I expected a few responses regarding the comment about putting Montero as the Yankee DH for the next ten years, not a debate about copyright law and proper application of fair use. At least I have a greater appreciation for all who read and post comments. Don't let it ever be said that the followers of IIATMS are not unlearned or civil. Thanks fellas.

  12. I wonder why there is no talk of turning Montero into an outfielder. If he has an above average arm and is a good athlete why not try him in right and let the aging stars man the DH?

  13. I really don't understand what people are taking issue with here. There is nothing wrong with quoting from pay sources. This is no different than if you wrote a reaction to something from a newspaper, book or magazine. You have to pay for those too, but since they are news sources then they are fair fodder to be cited for discussion.

    There is an issue if you were to copy and paste his entire article but that's not the case. ESPN markets it's Insider features as a news and rumor outlet, therefore once it's public it's fair game for others to dissect, praise or question.

    I simply don't see where the question of plagiarism is any different as it pertains to a web site as it would for a book or newspaper. Even if it was at question, it's no one's business but ESPN Legal's and I'm pretty sure getting widespread buzz about one of their Insider features is good for business.

    Also, what is the difference between quoting and discussing ESPN's prospect rankings and MLB's rankings? MLB's were part of a TV special so by not viewing or plugging their advertisers is the same thing in theory as doing that for ESPN's subscription based business model, right?

    Once these things are out there, they are fair game to be used and cited within reason. It's why they do lists, they want to create discussion and buzz about their product.

    Besides, the whole Insider gimmick is just a scam to drive up subscriptions to ESPN the Magazine anyway since it's free with a sub.

  14. The bluejays signed the speedy infielder Montaous Walton from the milwaukee area along with Brett lawrie and others, scouts spend alot of time talking about walton speed i cant wait to see for myself this season!

  15. yeah he should be exciting, i hear they signed him as a non drafted free agent, but lawrie should be able to move quickly to the majors

  16. from the looks of it Montaous Walton should has talent along with his electrifying speed, although he was signed as a non drafted free agent Who knows he may turn out to be another version of George Sherrill and actually blossom at the next level!