Alright Andy, let's get this show on the road

In Jon Heyman’s latest column, he basically reiterates what we’ve been hearing for the last few weeks with regards to Andy Pettitte. Still no official word, but given that Andy’s been working out, he has his family’s blessing and — unless you’re Gil Meche — leaving $12-$13 million on the table is relatively unheard of, most signs are pointing to an Andy return. Joel Sherman also had an insightful column in yesterday’s Post expressing similar sentiments.

Despite everyone in Yankeeland spending all of January freaking out about whether or not Pettitte will return, I wrote a few weeks ago that I felt Andy was coming back and obviously still feel that way. Heyman’s and Sherman’s columns only further bolster my confidence.

One thought on “Alright Andy, let's get this show on the road

  1. I agree – Pettitte is coming back. And since he'll be coming back late, it should take at least four starts off his work load, which I think will help keep him healthy down the stretch and into the playoffs.