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One thought on “Feeling the squeeze, the Wilpons have engaged investment bankers

  1. This is pretty far from the area of my financial expertise. But Jason, if what you're suggesting is that the Wilpons will be unable to raise money AND retain control of the Mets, I agree … so long as the Mets are trying to raise a serious amount of money. There are a couple of rules of thumb here, but probably the most important rule is that when it comes to a distressed business, new money is more powerful than old. I would expect that the "new money" here would seek control in some fashion, or would structure a way to take control if the Mets fail to achieve specified financial benchmarks.

    Problem is, I think that a change of control of the Mets requires approval of The Commissioner of Baseball. The Mets' money-raising effort may have a few twists and turns before it's over.