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9 thoughts on “Levine: “Chuck’s delusional”

    • I agree. While not unwarranted, this statement reinforces the small market teams' perception that the Yankees are arrogant, which is fine if that's what the Yankees want.

      • Rosie, you need to read this in the context of the battle between Texas and NY to sign Cliff Lee. Through revenue sharing, the Yankees effectively subsidized the Rangers' effort to lure Cliff Lee to Texas. That has to be a bit galling for someone like Levine. It's a bit like asking the guy who runs the local deli for a charitable contribution, then using the contribution to set up a competing deli. Yes, sure, this is the way revenue sharing works, but Levine doesn't have to like it any more than Greenberg has to gloat about how he diverted Cliff Lee to Phiilly. Also FWIW, the Phillies were receiving this same "welfare" as recently as 2005.

  1. I love it. Levine bitch slapped him. Ranger fans should worry that their owner is feeling good about finishing in a self proclaimed second place in a winner take all competition for Cliff Lee. Somehow I don't think Nolan Ryan shares Chuck Greenberg's enthusiasm…

  2. The rangers got lucky last year going to the ALCS

    Levine hit the money with this, the rangers willl not make the playoffs next year and their 1 year appearance is a huge fluke. Their comments were uncalled for during the playoffs, Yankees will make them even worse than the Astros!!!

    Go show THEM Levine!!!!!