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2 thoughts on “Sherman: Yanks front office is united

  1. The more I think about it, I don't get why we're still paying any credence to the tabloid nonsense that came out of the WFAN breakfast. When you really parse it out, he gave the safe answer to most of the questions. Jeter staying at short? Well, you can't very well commit yourself to that and try to deal with it later if he has to change positions, so why not give a non-committal answer in the direction of the most likely outcome? Joba? Hey, we've all noticed his velocity is down, and we've all speculated that his injury is the culprit. So if everyone from RAB to Sam's Yankees' Blog has noticed it, you can safely bet the other 29 teams have done the same. Not exactly news.

    I also don't really get the "new Cashman" meme. Cashman has always been pretty blunt when it comes to answering questions, he did the WFAN breakfast thing last year too, and he was pretty candid about everything from the Hughes-Joba thing to Jeter and Mo's contracts. I think he even answered a question about Jeter's future at SS, but don't quote me on that. But it wasn't much of a story, because the Yankees were coming off of a WS victory.

    We've had a slow offseason, all things considered, since Cliff Lee signed with Philly. The papers, the Daily News in particular, are looking for stuff to write about, and since they're a tabloid, this is what they do.