“Better than some starting catchers, defensively, in the big leagues right now”

As far as the competition status heading into Spring Training:

It’s an indicator of who’s going to be the starting catcher. It’s going to be Russell Martin, period. Then after that, the back-up situation’s going to be open for discussion between [Francisco]  Cervelli, Montero, [Austin]  Romine, we’ll see. Or all of them. … They all could split time and get a little education in the process.

A glimpse into the Yankees “process” and rationale:

The bottom line is: Take the best player on the board. Andrew Brackman, in his case, the only reason he got to us is because of the knowledge that he had a ligament issue and was going to need Tommy John surgery. Nowadays, I think it’s an 88 to 92 percent success rate, so when you compare it to losing a year waiting for him, versus the other players, we chose Brackman. I don’t necessarily think patience has anything to do with it, other than you need patience to wait on these guys.

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4 thoughts on ““Better than some starting catchers, defensively, in the big leagues right now”

  1. Cashman is such a calm guy given his surroundings. He must walk around his office with earplugs in, smiling at his hotheaded higher-ups as they talk at him (not to him) and thinking up better strategies than any baseball think tank.

    • I think so too. If Martin stinks, I think Montero should come up and play at least a few times a week at catcher. If Martin is good enough, then Montero should stay at AAA and play every day, extending team control another year and getting more seasoning for the young guy. In neither scenario is he a backup catcher anywhere. The only reason I could see if the Yankees are in a close race toward the end of the season and they do not want to play Cervelli ever.

  2. I just hope that this isn't a case of the Yankees hyping up a prospect to increase his trade value. I'm excited to finally have another home grown star, and I hope Montero is the real deal.