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9 thoughts on “Selig: A picture of “blissful neglect”?

  1. Ugh, dude, even I don't bother to pay any attention to Mushnick, beyond chuckling at the clearly over-the-top schtick. I mean, right after that he claims that QB ratings are crap for the sole reason that Sanchez's was higher than Roethlisberger's in the AFCCG.

    I don't know what Selig did or didn't know, but really, what's he supposed to do about it?

  2. Lets compare commissioners here-Goodell to Selig, one is competent and confronts controversy while the other constantly plays the 'Gee what a shame, I didn't know that, well there will be stiffer penalties in the future' card and lets everyone under him fall on the sword. It's about time people start to point the finger at Selig-maybe it'll expedite his retirement even a year quicker.

    Good riddance Bud.

  3. My impression about Selig has always fit this websites' mantra: "It is about the money, stupid.”

    He didn't care about steroids being a potential issue because the owners, players, and media didn't (at the time) care. He likely didn't care about the Wilpons' having potential financial issues (that had nothing to do with baseball) until it impacts their ability to run the Mets.

    Anyway, comparing the NFL and MLB commissioners seems like comparing apples and oranges.

    Just my two cents.