Yankees sign Freddy Garcia, [insert joke here]

In another low-risk move that undoubtedly has the Yankee beat corps in stitches, the Yankees have agreed to terms with Freddy Garcia on a minor league deal worth a guaranteed $1.5 million. I don’t have much of a reaction to this transaction, other than that I have no problem with stockpiling arms for Spring Training to put pressure on everyone currently in contention for a rotation slot.

Basically everything we said about the Bartolo Colon signing applies here, except that Garcia actually pitched in 2010, and while he wasn’t exactly good, he still somehow managed 1.3 fWAR. If I feel so inspired at some point perhaps I’ll dig a little deeper into Garcia’s numbers to see if there are any curiosities in his recent poor performance that might suggest a turnaround, but my guess is probably not.

If you like insane projections, Bill James thinks Garcia will pitch to a 4.20 ERA (albeit a 4.52 FIP) in 148 innings next season. THT’s Oliver likes him for 1.2 WAR and a 4.36 ERA in 104 innings; while CAIRO says 4.86 ERA/4.90 FIP in only 31 innings, worth 0.1 WAR. In any event, the bottom line is that if Garcia pitches well, that’s great; if not, the Yankees cut him and are out a bit of pocket change.

One thought on “Yankees sign Freddy Garcia, [insert joke here]

  1. Hi, Larry,

    I agree with you that the James projects for Garcia in 2011 are a bit far fetched (particularly if he pitches in the East), but is he really any worse an option than MItre?

    I think the idea of all these reclamation signings is to get us through the first half of the season until one of the following hopefully happens:

    1) One of the killer Bs is ready to step into the rotation

    2) Andy returns during the season

    3) We pull off a trade for a reliable starter.

    All of these options are gambles to one degree or another, but this is the situation you're left with when you put all of your eggs in one basket, as Cashman did with Lee . . .

    Sorry, Larry, it's been a few days since I bashed Cashman and I felt a bad case of the DTs coming on.