Yankees Pursuing Duchscherer

Jerry Crasnick is reporting that the Yankees have stepped up their support of former A’s pitcher Justin Duchscherer. The Yankees were interested in Duchscherer back at the 2009 trade deadline, but could not work out a deal with the A’s at the time. I advocated the potential move at the time, and I...

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Murray Chass vs. Baseball Orthodoxy?

So first and foremost we’ve caught Murray doing indisputably biased journalism. He didn’t email Forman in good faith to get an explanation about WAR, he emailed him to get some sort of a quote he could use to make sneering references to the sabermetric community. It was a set up, and when Forman didn’t give him anything useful, he went ahead and made it anyway.And, of course, later on he continues his campaign of unsubstantiated allegations of steroid use against Mike Piazza, which is Bad Journalism 101 (though I did appreciate reading blogger Murray Chass favorably citing blogger Jeff Pearlman as evidence). So at least we probably have a good idea why Chass is forced to publish only on his own blog; no one else wants anything to do with his standard-less blogging.

But the more damning thing, and the thing that lets me finally put Murray Chass to bed once and for all, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s nothing but a reactionary troll playing to an audience of reactionary anti-saber readers, is the notion that Chass disagrees with the idea that, offense being relatively equal, players who field positions in the middle of the field are more valuable than those who field the corners.…

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Steroids, the 90s, and the Hall of Fame

We all know by now that Jeff Bagwell was snubbed on his first hall of fame ballot by the BBWAA. The collective excuse seems to have been that he was just too fit, too shaped, too good to not be taking steroids. At no point has Bagwell’s name ever been connected with steroids in any...

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Interest in Jones Growing

According to Jon Heyman, the Yankees’ interest in Andruw Jones has grown and is now classified as “strong.” Steve S. delved into Jones earlier, so consider this an extension of the case for and/or against Jones.

The MLBTR post mentions that the Yankees want a right handed hitter who can handle left and center...

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A granular PitchFX look at Alex Rodriguez's bizarre reverse platoon split in 2010

It’s no secret that Alex Rodriguez produced the lowest full-season wOBA of his career in 2010 — his .363 mark was fueled by career-lows in batting average (.270), on-base percentage (.341) and the second-lowest full-season SLG of his career (.506). That these numbers were not only dramatically...

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Can the Yankees Sign Soriano Without Surrendering A Draft Pick?

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog.)

During the entire off season, the Yankees have been stymied in their attempt to add a starting pitcher. First, Cliff Lee eschewed their hefty contract offer because of the apparent belief that it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, and then Zack Greinke and Matt...

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