Time For a Blogger Ethics Panel

Jason has noted blogger Murray Chass’s obsession with Mike Piazza’s alleged back acne and the idea that it proves he was a steroid user before. Chass notes it pretty regularly, and at this point clearly has it out for Piazza, either because Chass doesn’t care for the catcher or because he thinks “nailing” a ‘roider will get him back in the good graces of the respectable baseball writing community I can’t say.

Howard Megdal of New York Baseball Digest did some actual legwork on the question though, asking several real life dermatologists about the matter (take notes Murray, this is called journalism). Their conclusion was basically unanimous; there’s no veracity whatsoever to Chass’s accusations. Aside from the fact that correlation does not equal causation (and the correlation is far from 100% at that), a couple of the doctors note that there are many other skin conditions similar to acne, and a layman like Chass isn’t even qualified to say with certainty that Piazza did, in fact, have acne.

It’s people like Murray Chass who give bloggers a bad name. The BBWAA, however, is happy to associate themselves with him. Continue reading Time For a Blogger Ethics Panel

Who might the Yankees target in the 2011-2012 offseason?

Reader Travis recently asked us to take a look ahead to next offseason, to see who comes off the board for the Yankees, who in the free agent class might make sense to pursue and who might be ready to contribute from the farm. We’ll start by taking a look at the Yankees’ 2011 and 2012 payroll obligations. The following chart was culled from Cot’s and Joe Pawlikowski’s post last month on RAB about the Yankee payroll, which in turn mined data from Cot’s Yankee payroll spreadsheet. NYY Under Contract 2011 2012 Alex Rodriguez $32,000,000 $30,000,000 CC Sabathia $24,285,714 $24,286,000 Continue reading Who might the Yankees target in the 2011-2012 offseason?

There is no plan to move Derek to CF

For the past few days, the MSM and interwebs have been abuzz by a comment that Yankee GM Brian Cashman made at the WFAN breakfast on Tuesday. You would think that Brian said something really interesting, really decisive. Something that Yankee fans and baseball fans have been holding their collective breath about some big star player, and Brian finally cleared things up with a declarative statement. But he didn’t. In reality, he did nothing of the sort. First, the context. The question was asked by an audience member if Derek will remain at shortstop for the entire 4 years of Continue reading There is no plan to move Derek to CF

Duchscherer: I Can Play In New York

I have pushed for the Yankees to acquire Justin Duchscherer to solidify the back of their rotation on numerous occasions. A few weeks ago, Jerry Crasnick reported that the Yankees were pursuing Duchscherer, but nothing seemed to come of it. As I said at the time, Duch is likely the most talented of the pitchers currently on the market, but has some red flags surrounding him: The problem with Duke is a variety of health issues that make it difficult to project his performance going forward. He missed time in 2007 due to a hip issue, had some nagging injuries Continue reading Duchscherer: I Can Play In New York

Assuming the Position: Will Jeter’s Career End More Like Mantle’s or DiMaggio’s?

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). As is often its custom, the New York Post took a rather innocuous comment and turned it into a blaring headline. Although there really is no reason to suggest that Derek Jeter will be doing his best Robin Yount impersonation anytime soon, that didn’t stop the city’s most creative tabloid from naming him the heir apparent to Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio. If Jeter does eventually move off his current position, he wouldn’t be the first Yankees’ Hall of Famer to make such a concession to age later in his career. In fact, two Continue reading Assuming the Position: Will Jeter’s Career End More Like Mantle’s or DiMaggio’s?

Duchscherer: Ain’t afraid of NY

From Brittany Ghiroli, some words from and about Justin Duchscherer:

Free agent Justin Duchscherer, considered one of the best starting pitchers still on the market, said Tuesday evening that physically he feels “pretty much 100 percent” and shot down the notion that his previous depression issues would prevent him from playing in New York.

I find it funny that people say I can’t pitch in that environment, but I’ve pitched in New York before,” he said.  “As far as my mind, I have no problem being anywhere. Physically it’s a matter of what’s the best situation for me.

Well, the Yanks just signed Bartolo Colon and Mark Prior is in the fold, so what’s another low-cost, low-risk, decent-upside arm? Exactly what the Yanks should be doing, since Joba’s going to remain in the ‘pen. Continue reading Duchscherer: Ain’t afraid of NY

Maybe Jeter Needs to Have His Feelings Hurt

I guess I should just stop imposing topic bans on myself, because sooner or later someone is going to come along and prove that they can drag me right back in, aren’t they? I like to think I’m decent at ignoring bait when I set my mind to it, but John Harper hit the absolute trifecta in today’s Daily News, combining Brian Cashman, Derek Jeter, and a reference to The Godfather. I couldn’t resist that if you slapped a big, green, glowing sign that screamed “radioactive!” on it. Consider:

It is not as if Brian Cashman said anything outrageous Tuesday, speculating that Derek Jeter might have to move to the outfield before the shortstop reached the end of his new contract. It’s just that the topic had been considered every bit as off-limits as the state of Jeter’s relationship with Minka Kelly.

So…the comment isn’t outrageous (hey, we agree!), but it’s still off-limits? And comparable to a completely different issue of a personal issue? Congratulations, you’re two sentences in to your column and you’ve basically guaranteed I’m going to waste a half hour of my morning viciously mocking it. (golf clap) Well done sir. Well done indeed.

Why? Because Jeter wants it that way. He wants everything that way.

Oh, Jeter doesn’t want us to talk about it. Well, that makes everything different then. I mean, if Jeter doesn’t want us talking about something relevant to him as a baseball player on sports pages and baseball blogs, I suppose we’re all obligated to oblige. So I guess we won’t do that.

(click “view full post” to continue reading) Continue reading Maybe Jeter Needs to Have His Feelings Hurt