Who might the Yankees target in the 2011-2012 offseason?

Reader Travis recently asked us to take a look ahead to next offseason, to see who comes off the board for the Yankees, who in the free agent class might make sense to pursue and...

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Duchscherer: I Can Play In New York

I have pushed for the Yankees to acquire Justin Duchscherer to solidify the back of their rotation on numerous occasions. A few weeks ago, Jerry Crasnick reported that the Yankees were pursuing Duchscherer, but nothing seemed to come of it. As I said at the time, Duch is likely the most talented of...

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Assuming the Position: Will Jeter’s Career End More Like Mantle’s or DiMaggio’s?

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

As is often its custom, the New York Post took a rather innocuous comment and turned it into a blaring headline. Although there really is no reason to suggest that Derek Jeter will be doing his best Robin Yount impersonation anytime soon,...

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Maybe Jeter Needs to Have His Feelings Hurt

I do assume that this isn’t the only thing he doesn’t want us to talk about though. I mean, he probably doesn’t want us talking about all the double plays he grounds into or all those pitches out of the strike zone he flailed at last year or the fact that he came up short in high leverage (read, clutch) situations last year either. So somebody from Derek’s camp should probably fax over a list of things on the field I’m not allowed to talk about relating to Derek Jeter before Opening Day, or this season could get messy.

You saw how he reacted to his contract negotiations becoming such a public squabble this winter, showing some rare anger toward the Yankees after he signed. Most of that anger was unquestionably aimed at Cashman for publicly daring Jeter to test the free agent market, and I’m betting the captain was equally ticked Tuesday when he heard that his GM said he envisioned a Robin Yount-like move to center field for Jeter at some point.
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