Yanks sign Bartolo Colon to minor league deal; transaction apparently funniest thing Yankee beat writers have ever heard

News comes that the Yankees have signed former AL Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal worth $900,000. Per Joel Sherman, Colon has the...

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Time to Complain

It’s January 25th as I write this. When you read it, it will be January 26th. We’re definitely at the lowest of the low point in the offseason. The Hot Stove is about as hot as the weather in the northeast right now. I’ve been pretty even keeled for most of the offseason, but I...

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Heeere’s Hank: ‘We just have to (bleeping) win’

“The fans pay the bills, we owe it to ourselves and to them to put the best product out there. If we couldn’t get Cliff Lee, I’m really happy about getting Soriano. I just wish Lee would have given Brian the chance to meet with him, but [Lee] was on a hunting trip. He’s got his own reasons.”

Yeah, his reasons placed the Yanks third, a distance behind the Phillies and Texas. I think Cashman is very good and persuasive but all the charm in the world wasn’t going to put Cliff Lee in pinstripes. It just wasn’t meant to be.

“Hopefully our starters will get the job done. Hopefully Andy [Pettitte] will come back. He knows we want him back. It’s strictly up to him now. Even though he’s already got five rings, he’s the type, like Mo, like [Derek] Jeter, like [Jorge] Posada, he wants another one.”

I agree with all of this. The team is hoping for a lot to go right.…

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The Miseducation of Joba Chamberlain, or How to Ruin a Potentially Elite MLB Starting Pitcher Without Really Trying

In light of Brian Cashman’s candid comments yesterday finally publicly confirming what many of us had suspected for quite some time — that Joba Chamberlain‘s shoulder’s never...

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