Yankees Sign Bartolo Colon to a Minor League Deal

Via MLB Trade Rumors:

The Yankees missed out on Cliff Lee, but they signed a former Cy Young Award winner who was once traded for the lefty they coveted this winter. Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports that the Yankees have signed Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal (Twitter link).

Colon had been showing signs of life in the Dominican Winter League. He last pitched in the big leagues in 2009, throwing 61 solid innings in 12 starts, with a 4.19 ERA.

As far as potential 5th starters go, Colon’s pretty much the best you can bring in on a riskless minor league deal. I don’t know anything about his physical shape, but plenty of players have benefited from taking a full year off from baseball. The 162-game grind doesn’t heal completely in the short off season. I’d say that at this point, Colon is an odds-even chance to be our 5th starter. Normally I don’t read much into “best shape of his life” reports, but (hat tip RAB) Colon did lose something like 40 pounds in order to get into shape for the DWL.… Click here to read the rest

Yanks sign Bartolo Colon to minor league deal; transaction apparently funniest thing Yankee beat writers have ever heard

News comes that the Yankees have signed former AL Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal worth $900,000. Per Joel Sherman, Colon has the right to be released at end of spring if has not made the Yankees’ Major League roster.

I looked at Colon a few weeks ago, and concluded that while there didn’t appear to be much to like about Colon, “I suppose you could do worse if you were to sign Colon to a minor league deal with no guarantees regarding making the big league club.”

Seeing as how that’s pretty much exactly what has happened, this is a fine low-risk signing. However, I’m reluctant to add high-reward to that analysis, given that we really have no idea what Colon will end up providing, so let’s just call it “reward” and leave it at that. For what it’s worth, THT’s Oliver system has Colon’s 2011 Major League Equivalency line as 60 innings of 4.46 ERA ball with a 1.37 WHIP, 5.4 K/9, 2.4 BB/9, 1.2 HR/9, worth 0.6 WAR.… Click here to read the rest

Time to Complain

It’s January 25th as I write this. When you read it, it will be January 26th. We’re definitely at the lowest of the low point in the offseason. The Hot Stove is about as hot as the weather in the northeast right now. I’ve been pretty even keeled for most of the offseason, but I think it’s time to complain about some things, even if they’re not big in the grand scheme of Yankee basketball.

The MLB.com prospect rankings came out yesterday and there are two things I want to complain about. Jesus Montero clocked in at number 9 on the rankings. In terms of the top 50, that’s great. Still, though, I think I’m in the majority in saying that 9 is too low a ranking for Mr. Montero. His future position may be in question, but no one can deny his bat and how special it is and how much his age intensifies that specialness. In my semi-educated opinion, Montero should be no lower than 5th on that list.… Click here to read the rest

Heeere’s Hank: ‘We just have to (bleeping) win’

“The fans pay the bills, we owe it to ourselves and to them to put the best product out there. If we couldn’t get Cliff Lee, I’m really happy about getting Soriano. I just wish Lee would have given Brian the chance to meet with him, but [Lee] was on a hunting trip. He’s got his own reasons.”

Yeah, his reasons placed the Yanks third, a distance behind the Phillies and Texas. I think Cashman is very good and persuasive but all the charm in the world wasn’t going to put Cliff Lee in pinstripes. It just wasn’t meant to be.

“Hopefully our starters will get the job done. Hopefully Andy [Pettitte] will come back. He knows we want him back. It’s strictly up to him now. Even though he’s already got five rings, he’s the type, like Mo, like [Derek] Jeter, like [Jorge] Posada, he wants another one.”

I agree with all of this. The team is hoping for a lot to go right.… Click here to read the rest

The Miseducation of Joba Chamberlain, or How to Ruin a Potentially Elite MLB Starting Pitcher Without Really Trying

In light of Brian Cashman’s candid comments yesterday finally publicly confirming what many of us had suspected for quite some time — that Joba Chamberlain‘s shoulder’s never been the same since that fateful August night in Arlington back in 2008 — and due to that injury, his arsenal has also never been the same, leading to his permanent banishment to the bullpen, I started getting angry.

Not because, even though it was great of the Yankee General Manager to answer the primary question in the e-mail I sent to him in a public forum, Cash still didn’t provide an explanation as to why the Yankees bothered even having Joba “compete” in last spring’s rotation contest farce and how that somehow led to his being permanently branded as a reliever for the remainder of his career, despite the fact that in between the time of his conversion from a starter back to a reliever he didn’t throw a single pitch as a starting pitcher in a Major League Baseball game.… Click here to read the rest

2011 WFAN Brian Cashman Breakfast (extended version)

"Soriano? If he stinks or gets hurt, he’ll be a Yankee for 3 years"

I attended the WFAN ‘Breakfast with a Champion’ with Brian Cashman on Tuesday morning, and as always, Brian didn’t disappoint one bit. I’ve attended these functions for 3 years running, and if anything Brian only seems to get more open, more verbose, and more honest with each event. You may have read some recaps on some other blogs, but I took extensive notes and can provide some context to some of the utter garbage that’s being spread around the MSM about what he did and didn’t say. I’ll use this post to fully recap his comments and I will have a follow up post tomorrow clarifying the Jeter/CF nonsense you’ve probably been reading elsewhere. There are no plans to move him now or in the future. If you’ve read some other Yankee blogs some of this stuff will be familiar, but there are other parts that I haven’t seen elsewhere that I found very interesting.… Click here to read the rest