Jesus Montero, Gary Sanchez and Manny Banuelos in's Top 50 prospects

Not quite sure how authoritative is when it comes to prospects, but in their just-released Top 50 MLB Prospects list they rank Jesus Montero as the ninth-best in baseball, Gary Sanchez at #32 and Manny Banuelos at #35. This more or less lines up with what I think most of the Yankee faithful would consider the team’s top three prospects. Also, Dellin Betances just missed the top 50, ranking at #53. It’s not only nice to see these kids get some mainstream attention, but also cool to see three products of the Yankee farm system make the top 50, Continue reading Jesus Montero, Gary Sanchez and Manny Banuelos in's Top 50 prospects

Cashman’s media tour continues

Yanks’ GM Brian Cashman continued his media day (following his breakfast stop) by visiting with Michael Kay. FOTB Eric did his best “reporter on the scene” imitation with his own tweet-a-thon. Here are the best:

@NYYEric: Cashman to Kay “We had a breakfast this morning…there was a Q and A..and one question was do you think he will finish…my response was…

@NYYEric: ..signed him as SS and we don’t expect…the fact that if day every did come we would look at OF”

A two-parter. You’ll have to pardon the typos here and there, but the gist of Cashman’s walkback was that he expects Jeter to remain at SS until such a time that he wasn’t able to man the spot any longer. And if/when that day comes to pass, Cashman thinks that Derek Jeter could be suited to play the OF.  Now, I can’t see it, but the man’s entitled to his opinion. I think the real battle begins in three years, when Jeter tells the Yanks he isn’t done playing and the Yanks are ready to move on with his replacement. If we thought it was ugly this off-season, it might be worse trying to tell Jeter that he has no place on the team and he ends up pulling a Willie Mays-on-the-Mets.

@NYYEric: Cashman “He intends to play short and we signed him to be our shortshop…it is not something I have to deal with right now”

That’s Cashman regretting even bringing it up and trying to bury it in the backyard. Didn’t work. I remain perplexed about why Cashman seems intent on tweaking Jeter.

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Yanks censoring YES-affiliated blogs?

This is a must read and an excellent job by Moshe over at TYU:

Pinstriped Bible is directly affiliated with the YES Network, as the site is designed to look like the YES homepage and is frequently featured on the YES front page. A few hours after being posted, Steve Goldman’s post was suddenly pulled, only to reappear a number of hours later with a new title (Soriano Strengthens the Pen, But Do Dominoes Fall?) and a softened stance. A visit to the page shows the altered title and article, but the URL still contains the original title. I have the original article saved (available upon request), and the primary differences are a few sentences added in support of the deal, as well as the moving of a positive paragraph to the beginning of the article. When asked about the incident, Goldman declined to comment.

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YES Censors Affiliated Blogs Over Rafael Soriano Criticism?

When news of Rafael Soriano’s signing filtered onto Twitter on the evening of January 13th, many Yankees fans were aghast at the length of the deal and the fact that the club had sacrificed a draft pick to obtain an 8th inning man. A number of those fans used their platforms as bloggers to criticize the signing. In particular, Mike Axisa and Joe Pawlikowski expressed displeasure with the move over at River Avenue Blues (RAB), while Steve Goldman penned a critical column entitled, “What the Heck Are the Yankees Doing?” that ran at his Pinstriped Bible blog. What happened next Continue reading YES Censors Affiliated Blogs Over Rafael Soriano Criticism?

CAIRO on the Bench

CAIRO is the projection system set up by SG, the man behind the curtain over at Replacement Level Yankee Weblog. Since it’s pretty dead out there right now, I figured we could take a look at some bench candidates and how they might project in 2011. Now to be fair, projecting players who have yet to play in the majors is extremely difficult. In the past I have tried to take a “rolling average” concept to these projections and come up with a ballpark number for each prospect. It’s just too difficult to tell exactly how someone will transition to Continue reading CAIRO on the Bench

Yanks sign Warner Madrigal. Who?

Who? Warner Madrigal, converted infielder-now-pitcher. That’s who, says Kevin Goldstein (via Twitter). And his Wikipedia entry includes this beauty:

Madrigal made his debut for the Rangers on July 2, 2008, pitching in the 7th inning against the New York Yankees in Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, Madrigal only lasted for one-third of an inning, where he gave up six runs and Brett Gardner‘s first career hit. Madrigal’s appearance was a perfect storm as it was his first appearance and his bad outing resulted in an ERA of 162.0.

So there’s that, which is nice. His numbers “improved” since then, but not by much. An ERA of just about 10 and and K:BB ratio under 0.5 ain’t good.

2008 24 4.75 36.0 19 94 1.389 9.0 1.0 3.5 5.5 1.57
2009 25 9.95 12.2 14 48 2.368 12.8 1.4 8.5 3.6 0.42
2 Seasons 6.10 48.2 33 75 1.644 10.0 1.1 4.8 5.0 1.04
Provided by View Original Table; Generated 1/25/2011.

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Re-remembering the Joba-in-Texas injury

As @amandarykoff tweeted earlier today about the Cashman event, there was some enlightenment about why Joba’s to remain a reliever. Cliff Corcoran takes a trip in his way-back machine to remember just what happened on that day, August 8, 2008:

. . . Chamberlain saw the home plate ump rule the ball foul and came forward off the mound pointing to both Kinsler and the umpire. Ivan Rodriguez didn’t hear him, and Rodriguez’s throw to second base came directly at Chamberlain’s head. In ducking that throw, Chamberlain lept backwards off his feet and landed on his rump before tumbling over in a backwards somersault. Before Chamberlain’s body hit the ground, however, his right arm reached back and attempted to brace his fall.

Chamberlain denied that the fall had anything to do with his injury.

Verrrrrry interesting, indeed.

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Can A NY Manager Use Unconventional Tactics?

[image title=”joe-girardi3-540×359″ size=”full” id=”24586″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]Last week, I wrote that the Yankees should use Rafael Soriano as a fireman, not as an 8th inning guy. Over at River Ave Blues, Ben Kabak wrote a post agreeing with me. Now, Stephen Rhoads, our former TYUer-turned-RABer offered a different reply. He argues that using Rafael Soriano that way makes tons of sense, but the NY media won’t let it happen: It’s no secret that the New York media is unforgiving. While Brian Cashman seems to avoid a lot of the nastiness, plenty of reporters assume a sarcastic and critical approach towards Continue reading Can A NY Manager Use Unconventional Tactics?

Outtakes from the Cashman breakfast from @amandarykoff

I have been off-grid for the last day or two so I had no idea this event was taking place and that tickets were still available to the public. So I’m angry at myself for that. Good thing ESPNw contributor and Twitter-extraordinaire Amanda Rykoff was there. Some her best, reverse-chronologically:

@amandarykoff: Francesa to Cashman: “How are you?” Cashman: “I’d be better if I could get a starter.”

Yes, I am quite sure we’d all feel a lot better if the team had another starter

@amandarykoff: Cashman: “We’re one starter away from being a World Series contender.”

If A.J. Burnett can right himself, Phil Hughes continues to progress and there’s a rebound from the offense, the team is a contender now. Not the favorite, but certainly a strong contender.

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