Joba or Nova for Liriano?

Bob Nightengale apparently dropped quite a doozy to Jim Bowden:

Jim Bowden ex-Reds GM, tweeted Monday that Bob Nightengale says that [Francisco] Liriano could be traded for Ivan Nova or Joba Chamberlain in the next two weeks. Presumably, Bob said this to Jim on Jim’s XM show.

That would be…interesting. To say the least.

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TYA Trivia Open Thread For 2-28-11

On every weeknight throughout the year, one of the TYA writers will post a trivia question as the nightly open thread. The blog administrators will keep track of the winners, and the commenter with the most correct answers will win a prize that has yet to be decided upon. The answers will be posted in the following evening’s open thread. Yesterday’s Question: The Yankees have three rookie pitchers in camp (Brackman, Betances, Banuelos) that project as front of the rotation starters. Name the three Yankee pitchers that have won the American League Rookie of the Year award since its inception Continue reading TYA Trivia Open Thread For 2-28-11

Banuelos Impressive in 6-2 Loss

A day after Dellin Betances electrified Yankees fans with his three strikeout 5th inning in Clearwater, fellow top prospect Manny Banuelos made his spring debut for the Bombers against the Tigers.

Since the game wasn’t televised it’s not really possible to come up with many specifics regarding Banuelos’ stuff, but the results were certainly there. He got the first batter he faced, Victor Martinez, to ground out and then struck out Jhonny Peralta and Brandon Inge to finish off the inning. I can report, however, that the Tigers’ play by play broadcaster got very excited when Banuelos struck out Peralta with a curveball. As I said on Twitter at the time; you know you’re doing something right when you get the other teams broadcaster excited about one of their players striking out. Apparently the curveball that got Inge was similarly pretty, as the guy was still talking about how good the pitch was into the next half inning.

Other than that, there isn’t much to say about today’s game. Mark Prior pitched an inning and his arm didn’t fall off. Derek Jeter went 1 for 4 and has reportedly asked hitting coach Kevin Long to put in some extra time with the captain tomorrow. And the Yankees held the Tigers scoreless through 6 innings, after which the three last pitchers gave up 2 runs each. Continue reading Banuelos Impressive in 6-2 Loss

Some Sobering Data On Montero's Defense

After Jesus Montero‘s Spring Training debut behind the plate yesterday, many Yankees fans were cautiously optimistic about his defensive performance. Although he was not tested much, he did not seem as awkward back there as he has been advertised to be, and looked like he could handle the position at the Major League level. However, while most of us have watched plenty of baseball, few of us have scouting experience and therefore do not know exactly what to look for when evaluating a catcher’s defense. SG over at RLYW provided a link to a post from August, written by Kyle, Continue reading Some Sobering Data On Montero's Defense

Seasons Change: Yanks’ Youngsters Help to Bring About Early Spring Thaw

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). One of the cardinal rules about spring training is you have to take the results with a grain of salt, especially the early performances of eager rookies who are either facing veterans slowly ramping up to speed or overmatched secondary talent. With that disclaimer noted, some of the bad vibes from the Yankees’ offseason of discontent dissipated yesterday thanks to impressive early performances from three of the team’s young prospects. The biggest impression from the spring contest against the Phillies was appropriately left by imposing 6’8” right hander Dellin Betances, who struck out the side Continue reading Seasons Change: Yanks’ Youngsters Help to Bring About Early Spring Thaw

Players to Watch: NL Central

You know the drill: I’m running through the divisions, singling out players worth of watching. Today, the NL Central is our focus. NL West Cincinnati Reds: I’m going to avoid going with the obvious choice of Joey Votto here and go with one of my favorite players: Scott Rolen. I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked Rolen. I think he’s been underrated in the grand scheme of things and he had a solid year last year, posting a .367 wOBA in 537 PAs. Here’s my proof, by the way, of Rolen’s underrated-ness. St. Louis Cardinals: Lance! Another player who’s Continue reading Players to Watch: NL Central

Grapefruit League Game 3: Yankees @ Tigers

The Yankees will make the trip to Lakeland today for a 1:00 game with the Tigers, and the big guy, C.C. Sabathia, will be making his 2011 debut. Unfortunately, the game isn’t on TV so far as I know, so we’re relying on the various beat writers and John Sterling to relay the action to us (actually I’ll probably listen to the Tigers’ radio broadcast, and if you have an MLB advanced media subscription you can do the same). Lineups and notes after the jump.

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Imagining Trades, Part Three

Last week, I took two looks at some trade possibilities. The first was general in nature, introducing two possible trade candidates, Mark Buehrle and Chris Carpenter. The second looked at Carpenter’s theoretical trade value. It went a little longer than I expected, so I pushed this part of the post off until now. Let’s start with Buehrle’s contract status. He’s scheduled to make a healthy $14M this season, but there are no options for 2012. He does have a $25K escalator for winning a Gold Glove and a $15K escalator for making the A.L All-Star team. Buehrle is a “ten-and-five” Continue reading Imagining Trades, Part Three

2011 American League Preview: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

(Click here to see the previews of the American League teams we’ve completed so far.)

2010 record: 80-82 (3rd place, A.L. West)

2010 run differential: -21 (681 runs scored, 702 runs allowed)

Key additions: Vernon Wells OF, Hisanori Takahashi LHP, Scott Downs LHP

Key losses: Mike Napoli C/1B, Juan Rivera OF

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