When MSM goes all #yourtradeproposalsucks on us

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14 thoughts on “When MSM goes all #yourtradeproposalsucks on us

  1. Patrick


    • fo'sho'

      • Patrick


  2. Wait, he really meant that. Seriously? What the….I mean….what are the Yankees even going to do with any of those players except for Danks?

  3. Scott

    That just makes me laugh! Maybe he plays in a really deep fantasy league.

    • Patrick

      Is that the new insult? I hope so. I'm going to start saying it, anyway.

  4. All the White Sox fans' comments are criticizing that deal from the Sox perspective.

    So, the Yankees would give up two of their top four prospects, plus downgrade at one outfield position (unless they get the 2008 Quentin), AND throw in Joba Chamberlain, for John Danks? Not to knock Danks…he would instantly be the #2 starter…but what would it take to get Felix Hernandez by those standards?

    • Oh sorry, I forgot to mention Mark Teahen…he of the -0.7 career WAR in six seasons.

    • Scranton? Not just the entire team, the entire city.

      With an option on Wilkes-Barre

      • Well, I'm pretty sure Scranton scores pretty low on the Wins Above Replacement City scale, so maybe that wouldn't be such a terrible deal.

        Sorry Scranton, I didn't mean that.

  5. Chris

    He also suggested Montero, Betances or Banuelos plus Joba and Mitre for Edwin Jackson and two of those 3 plus Joba and Mitre for Floyd or Buehrle. The man is clearly insane.


  6. Sam

    Felix or bust! another 100loss season should help set that table..

  7. R. Johnston

    Yeesh. Montero, Betances, Gardner, Chamberlain, and a bucket of hot wings is more than enough to trade for any major league player who isn’t named Pujols. That someone would propose such a trade for Danks is pathetic; that “fans” of some team would whine about the proposer of such a trade “helping” the Yankees justifies the use of scare quotes.

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