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14 thoughts on “When MSM goes all #yourtradeproposalsucks on us

  1. All the White Sox fans' comments are criticizing that deal from the Sox perspective.

    So, the Yankees would give up two of their top four prospects, plus downgrade at one outfield position (unless they get the 2008 Quentin), AND throw in Joba Chamberlain, for John Danks? Not to knock Danks…he would instantly be the #2 starter…but what would it take to get Felix Hernandez by those standards?

  2. Yeesh. Montero, Betances, Gardner, Chamberlain, and a bucket of hot wings is more than enough to trade for any major league player who isn’t named Pujols. That someone would propose such a trade for Danks is pathetic; that “fans” of some team would whine about the proposer of such a trade “helping” the Yankees justifies the use of scare quotes.