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13 thoughts on “Sabathia to report “in the best shape of his life”

  1. just thought about this…

    knowing what we know about the state of the rotation for this year, would it almost be better for cc to have a "down" year so as he doesnt opt out of his contract and then be dominant cc for the rest of the contract or for him to be his usual cy young worthy self and opt out and force the yankees to sign him to a new deal…

    as a fan, i obviously would rather want him to do well and help the team out this year, but if 2011 is really a rebuilding year, the down CC might not be a terrible idea. i would hope that he's true to his word and doestn opt out and the yanks win the world series, but this 30 lb loss thing tells me he's thinking about it…

  2. I hope that Hughes, Burnett, and some combination of Nova/Banuelos/Brackman/Betances/Mitre (just kidding about that last one) do fabulous, CC opts out, and the Yanks don't resign him…I'm still nervous about that back end of the contract. (People cite David Wells as a guy who could pitch heavy and out of chape…but for every Wells, there are 20 Bartolo Colons…)

    Of course, that would never happen…the Yanks would be under presure to resign CC.

    • … so based purely on his weight, which he is making an effort to change, the Yankees shouldn't continue to pay a 20 game winner who won the Cy Young and was a candidate for it last year?


    • I wouldn't really say the C.C. is particularly out of shape though. The guy's just big, and a lot of that weight is below the waist. He's certainly got a larger proportion of his weight in his legs than either Wells or Colon. And he has no history of major injuries or a problem with stamina/durability.

  3. so far, CC has all the leverage here if he opts out. he's been EXACTLY as advertised when they signed him. i can't help but think of the Goodfellas line…."Rotation's in shambles? A-Rod's contract hanging heavier by the year? Payroll steadily escalating? F*** you, pay me."

    • He's indicated that he doesn't intend/plan to opt out, but it's absolutely the right decision on his part.

      Yes, I'm very concerned about the out years of this deal, just as I am with EVERY long term deal, but especially so with a pitcher. And a large pitcher with tremendous miles on his arm already.

      • I don't recall him saying that he doesn't intend/plan on opting out–just something like he "wants to be a Yankee" or "wants to stay in New York", and the unsaid part of the sentence could be "…for $23-26M."

        Plus, he KNOWS that the Yaneees have the money…they were going to give it to Cliff Lee. It's not like Cashman then went to spend the Lee money on other players for the next 7 years.

        Even if he did say that, he's got some wiggle room, since "intentions" and "plans" can change.

        Not criticizing the guy–baseball's a business–but just bracing for the possibility.

  4. Why would CC opt out? Who else is going to pay him $23M? he's already employed by the Federal Reserve of baseball…

    • Because he'd be in line for a deal at least EQUAL to what Cliff Lee just got, given that he'd be even younger. Not to mention the utter state of panic in the owner's suite. Last time there was that much panic, ARod happened.

        • CC has a better track record than Lee, is younger, and like Lee has been a big game pitcher (and like CC, Lee has also blown playoff starts). What makes you think that CC would be offered less money than Lee? If CC goes to free agency, there will be plenty of teams willing to go to $23+, including Washington, NY, Texas and possibly the Cubs, Mets and Dodgers (ownership depending), Boston, Detroit to name a few.

    • I think folks are ignoring the obvious… he may opt out (or threaten to do so) to get another year or two tacked on. He may not get much more money on the open market but he'd probably get more than a 4 year deal.

      I think he'll redo the contract and get another year or 2 tacked on at similar money per year… which will be an overpay in the out years, but has to be done if they want to keep him.