Things that might only interest me: Highest paid players, per team

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6 thoughts on “Things that might only interest me: Highest paid players, per team

  1. Fascinating. I think I'd only count 3 as the best players on their team right now: Miguel Cabrera, Roy Halladay, and Joe Mauer. You could argue for a few more (or maybe even against these three), but if you'd have asked me before looking how many times is the highest paid player on his team the best, I'm sure I'd have said higher than 3.

    • Kirby…its funny cause I actually said the exact same thing to myself as I was reading the salaries. I hadn't even read your post yet. Of all the salaries only Halladay, Cabrera and Mauer are getting paid what they are actually worth in value. You might be able to argue Jose Bautista with the Jays but he's only had one great season so we will see this year.

      • Wait, Hanley Ramirez isn't worth $11 mil? I think there are a few teams that could find room for the guy at that price. And just who is better than him on the Marlins? [Josh Johnson? Surely it takes more than one season…]

  2. Very fun chart to read. The poor small market Sox are getting outranked by so many teams.

    One thing though… Isn't Cliff Lee getting paid more than Halladay?

    P.S. Cliff Lee's middle name is Phifer. How interesting.

  3. Very interesting results. It seems to me that these contracts – the really bad ones- are all predicated on very good timing and horrible talent evaluation. This list of bad contracts provides an easy answer as to why a team like the Cubs-who have had many "large market" payrolls over the last few years- are constantly underachieving.