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5 thoughts on “White Sox GM Wants a Lockout

  1. We need a VORP for GM's.

    I'd like to see Kenny Williams earnings relative to other GM's, and quantify his return on investment. Because without the #'s, I'd guess Pujols delivers more per dollar than Williams.

    As for the free market, there are probably at least (in & out of baseball) 500 people qualified to perform like Williams. And there isn't anyone else on the planet who can do what Pujols has done.

    • What I found really amusing was his "I won't give one guy a $30 million salary cause he could get hurt and we would be screwed" rationale. The White Sox are spending ~$125 million this year. At that level, they could spend $30 million on Pujols and have $95 million. An above average GM can put together a darn good team on $95 million.

  2. I'm sorry, but any major league sport I'll support the billionaires over the millionaires any day of the week. While baseball players have amazing talent, unmatched in any other sport, no one deserves $30 million, that's MILLION dollars a year, no one! Lock them all out in all sports. Let them go to the Rio Grande and perform border security for a year being paid the same miserable wages the Border Patrol men and women get. After that they'd be more then happy to come back to "the Bigs" and play ball, which is nothing more then a GAME, for oh lets say a paltry million a year. Who knows, they might actually even learn to 'check their over sized egos at the door." It's certainly worth a shot!

    • So, noone in a $7 Billion dollar operation deserves that rate? Not the best employee possibly in the history of the organization?

      Ok, lets think more relatively- is it ok for someone to earn $43,000 in a $10 million dollar company?

      Are you upset with his salay compared to yours, or realtive to his organization?

      And to go back to your border patrol example, there are plenty of people in that portion of the government who are returning less dollars of value in productivity than pujols does…