40 thoughts on “Open Thread: Buying MLB Advanced Media

  1. I have had. MLBtv for five or so years now. I am a big fan, especially since I am rarely in the blackout area for Yankees games. I upgraded to premium and think it is worth it for the most part, though the DVR didn't work much on my Mac last year. I think each year it has improved and am more than happy to stick with it. Plus it is great for bringing the laptop out to the porch on nice summer days for a cigar and some baseball….even if it means I annoy my red sox fan neighbors.

  2. I also think that one of the differences between premium and regular mlbtv is that you can choose whether to watch the home or away feed, whereas with regular they usually give you the home feed. At least that is how it used to be. I like having the option myself.

  3. I've only had MLB.TV – that said, where you're at, it should be the perfect app. Who are your "local" teams out there? Something you'd want to check – you'll be blacked out, in real-time, for every game they play, which means you'll likely miss every Yankees/Angels game – in or out of town, and possibly the same for Oakland games. One of the things you don't consider – you're blacked out even when the local team plays away – I could see it for home games, but away games are also blacked out.

    Gotta spring for the Premium package – the dvr feature alone is worth it; you can also watch 4 or more games at once with premium – I haven't used that feature much, but the dvr is invaluable. Last year, I'd start a game late, skip the commercials, skip the pitching changes, and be caught up by the end of the game.

    Works fine on computer; surprisingly well on laptops while you're traveling; and downright seamlessly idiot-proof if you use a PS3. They had some serious bugs with the PS3 last summer for a few weeks; the MLB servers also get overloaded during the weeks they have reduced price promos; that said, I could usually watch games in HD without hesitation or glitches.

    One other advantage of MLB Premium – you have your choice of Home or Away feeds. Kind of fun, watching the Yankees and hearing the opposing commentators viewpoint. Enlightening, to say the least. Also a very refreshing break from the YES anchors.

  4. MLB TV Premium is without a doubt the best option, assuming you have high-speed internet access and a good computer. It's really not worth the extra money to get Extra Innings, IMO.

    And like Jay said, you can stream it through a PS3 to your television if you have one.

  5. I bought the MLB.TV Premium package last year and agree with the comments above that it's well worth the extra $20 for the DVR and Home/Away choice. Does it make me an uber-Yankee's fan to admit that I'd love a way to be able to watch the Yes Network up here in Vermont (and I'd even pay for the privilege!)? According to the Yes CS rep I spoke to, there isn't any way to do this – anyone know of any work-arounds?

  6. I subscribed last season to At Bat. I wanted to be able to listen to Twins day games while at the office since the radio I have here doesn’t always get decent reception. Ended up using it when I’m at home, too, on those occasions where I didn’t want to listen to the game off the radio with headphones on. The nice thing with At Bat is that you are not subject to local market blackout restrictions. Plus, you get to choose your radio feed (home or away).

    I realize the reason that MLB can’t offer a similar thing for MBL.TV is due to local market TV broadcast agreements. What I don’t get is why they can do it for the radio feeds and not TV.

    We don’t have a pay-for TV service in our house which mean I can’t watch many of the games on TV even if I wanted to. I would gladly subscribe to MLB.TV if they were able to do away with the local market restrictions.

  7. MLB.tv works with Roku. My parents use it for MLB.tv and Netflix, and they never have a problem with it.

  8. I'm British, and the only way of being sure to see every Yankees game is mlb.tv. There's the added benefit here of no blackout restrictions, so I can watch all 162 games.

  9. You can most definitely watch MLB.TV via the At Bat iPhone application.

    I spent the year 2010 behind our archrival’s official lines in New England (Vermont, blissfully, not Boston), and MLB.TV+At Bat were a godsend. Even when I only had a cellular connection and no WiFi, the audio and video were very clear — and I was in a rural location to boot.

    When you watch MLB.TV on a smartphone, it uses the phone’s built-in GPS to determine where you are and what games it had to black out. Living in Vermont, I could watch any game that didn’t involve the Red Sox. So when the Yankees played at Fenway, I had to watch NESN. But that wasn’t as bad as I feared — much as I loathe the Red Sox, they actually have a TV broadcast crew that calls a pretty even game of baseball.

  10. With most of my favorite shows accessible online, I ditched cable a couple years ago. Still waiting for yesnetwork.com to set up a blackout-less online service, not looking good. Stuck with Sterling in the meantime..

    there's still ATDHE.tv (ATDHE.net was seized) for free streaming of ANY sporting event on any given night if desperate (albeit low quality and hit-or-miss on connections).

  11. Last year I had Mlb.tv premium. I live in Canada so didn't get hit with blackout restrictions very often. The issue for me was nexdef (used for HD viewing) was really unreliable. It may have been the fact that I was on a college internet connection which can be good or can be awful. At times games would just not work, due to slow internet connection I think. I had windows 7 and nexdef didn't seem to work terrible well with it. If you're going for mlb.tv, go premium though. Jumping between innings is nice, especially if watching the day after and time is an issue so you can at least watch all the big moments. Also being able to rewind is nice, if nexdef works for you that is. With MLB.tv you can watch up to 4 games at once on a computer. You could always connect your laptop to your tv via HDMI or VGA if you wanted to watch on a larger screen.

    I'm undecided if I'm going back to mlb.tv this year though. If you have a strong internet connection it is nice though; if not its a waste of money.

  12. Make life easy Larry, move to ny…you'll never miss a yankee game:) You can watch the bulk of your games on yes and the rest of your games will broadcast on fox, espn or channel 9. Not to say moving is easier but watching yankee baseball is.

  13. I'm from Sweden and have been using MLB.TV for a few seasons and I love it. Adding the At Bat feature on my iphone makes the morning commute much easier when I can get the play-by play summary.
    Also the PS3 MLB.TV feature is a great addition to the whole package..

  14. I've been using MLB.tv since it came out, and as others have said it has only gotten better each year. Premium is absolutely worth it to not have to listen to some of the infuriating homerism of some teams (ahem, white sox) or the terribly boring sound mix of others (Orioles seem to keep game sounds low and broadcast booth high making for an extremely quiet broadcast with little crowd noise). It works great on everything, my laptop, my iphone (through the at bat app), my ps3, and even our new samsung tv has a built in mlb.tv app which is great because I no longer have to put up with my ps3 overheating and turning on it's loud industrial sized fan. Also, if you're even slightly savvy and patient, there are ways to get around blackouts.

  15. While people are talking about MLB.TV… I wanted to ask a few questions:
    1) I paid for the postseason package last year. It did not let me stream it to my PS3. I have the PS3 MLB.TV "app" – no dice. I called MLB.TV and they didn't offer much advice on the issue.

    2) I live in SC. We have no local team. I guess the Braves would be the closest thing to it. Would I expect much in the way of blackout restrictions if I wanted to watch the Yankees? I know that TBS airs Braves games all the time (so no Braves-Yankees) and I think FOX occasionally airs Yankee games. But other than that, I shouldn't expect much in the way of blackout restrictions?

    3) When I caught the postseason on MLB.TV last year (my first time using the service), I received the raw feed. No instant replay, but I did have the play-by-play voiceovers. There was also a bit of lag between the play-by-play and the video. Is that what most users found to be the case?