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7 thoughts on “Premature Observations from Game 1

  1. It wasn't just you but I couldn't get past how fat Colon was. One positive is I saw he threw a fastball at 94 mph..so there is hope with him. I loved the double that a-rod hit and he crushed a ball to center for a loud out. But his at bats were nice. Overall an ok game. I know wins don't matter but I still hate when they lose.

  2. I was able to watch Colon pitch several times in the dominican winter league. What struck me the most (apart from his size) was that he pitched fairly well during most games but seemed to struggle as he got deeper into the game. Time will tell how he has adjusted.

    • Yeah, that was my first real WTF moment of the day. I suppose he might have put on some weight, but I'm not seeing where the reports that he added 15-20 pounds came from.

  3. OMG: Derek went 0 for 2!!!! How can the Yankees win a World Championship when their starting shortstop goes hitless for the season? I think Hank put too much pressure on him with that snarky mansion comment and now DJ can't stop thinking that he chose the wrong color for the bedspread in that 8th bedroom…