TYA Trivia Open Thread For 2-26-11

Thursday’s question: Which team had the most hitters with 5 or more WAR in a single season? How many hitters was it? Who were they?

Answer: The 1939 yankees with Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Gordon, Charlie Keller, Red Rolfe, and George Selkirk.

Today’s Trivia Question: In 2010, Brett Gardner was tied (with Carl Crawford) for 3rd in the AL for Stolen Bases with 47. Give me the six Yankees who have led the American League in stolen bases a total of 11 times since 1914.

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  1. 1) Rickey Henderson 2)Fritz Maisel 3) Ben Chapman 4)Snuffy Stirnweiss 5)Alfonso Soriano 6) Frankie Crosetti