Millwood rejects MiL Deal

Word came down early today from Joel Sherman that Kevin Millwood has apparently rejected the offer of a minor league deal from the Yankees.

Mr. Millwood has been a popular point of discussion here during TYA’s opening week: Mike kicked the tires on Millwood and Edwin Jackson and I posited that Millwood...

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Analyzing another Yankee top prospect list

In the latest offseason list, Kevin Goldstein of the excellent Baseball Prospectus has unveiled his top 20 Yankee prospects (only Subscribers can see the full content, alas, but anyone can see the list and a scouting report on Jesus Montero).  I’m going to take a quick look at the list and share my thoughts...

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Playing the ‘What if’ game with Cliff Lee

Brian Cashman was recently interviewed by Larry Stone of the Seattle Times about what went down in the ill-fated Cliff Lee negotiations. Given how things have played out since, we now have some context to put those trade talks into. But as Brian lays out, we are are still left with many unanswered questions. He...

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Friday Night Open Thread

Well, that was a fun week, huh? Thank you to everyone who stopped by and helped make our first week at The Yankee Analysts a resounding success! We published 27 posts this week (and received nearly 300 comments on those posts, so thank you again!), and given that level of frequency it’s possible you may...

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Can Lightning Strike Twice? Joba, Yankees Can Learn A Lot From Ron Guidry

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

Once upon a time, the Yankees had a promising young pitching prospect who was inexplicably converted into a late inning reliever. After a couple of seasons of disappointing results, however, many within the organization, not to mention the media and fans, began to question his mental makeup...

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