The 2011 New York Yankees All-Projection Team

Alex Rodriguez (AP)

Having taken a look at the 2011 ZiPS numbers for the Yankees’ hitters and pitchers, we’ve finally completed our tour of each of the major 2011 projection systems. What better way to encapsulate everything we’ve learned...

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Just a quick heads up, I’ll be batting lead off on Mike Silva’s New York Baseball Digest Show tonight at 8:00. Topics will include questions about the 2011 Yanks, the mutual lurking on Liriano, our crazy uncle Hank, Joba’s fastball and my take on the civil war in Libya. OK, maybe not that last one. ...

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TYA Trivia Open Thread For 2-27-11

Yesterday’s question: In 2010, Brett Gardner was tied (with Carl Crawford) for 3rd in the AL in Stolen Bases with 47. Give me the six Yankees who have led the American League in stolen bases a total of 11 times since 1914.

Answers: Fritz Maisel (1914) Ben Chapman (1931-1933) Frankie Crosetti (1938) Snuffy Sternweiss (1944-45)...

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The 25th Man: Eric Chavez?

Joel Sherman checked in this morning with a blurb about the Yankees’ final roster spot:

You have the 12-man staff. You have a set nine-man lineup (again assuming no injuries) comprised of Russell Martin, Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Alex...

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The 2011 ZiPS Projections: Yankee Offense and Pitching

Mark Teixeira (Sabo/News)

This offseason I’ve taken you through every major projection system I could get my hands on: shortly after the World Series we looked at Bill James’ expectedly optimistic projections; SG’s pragmatic CAIRO projections;...

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UPDATED: Montero, Betances, to Play Today

Brett Gardner LF

Nick Swisher RF

Curtis Granderson CF

Jorge Posada DH

Eric Chavez 1b

Jesus Montero C

Eduardo Nunez 2b

Ronnie Belliard 3b

Ramiro Pena SS

Ivan Nova SP

Also scheduled to pitch; Sergio Mitre, Boone Logan, Dellin Betances

Update: Belliard has apparently been scratched due to a calf issue. Brandon Laird will still at 3rd base.

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Sunday Notes and Commentary

This time of year, there’s so many little items that don’t require a full post but are interesting nonetheless. For the items that catch my eye, I’ll fold them into one weekend post where I can weigh in on them and we can discuss them further in the comment...

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TYA Trivia Open Thread For 2-26-11

Thursday’s question: Which team had the most hitters with 5 or more WAR in a single season? How many hitters was it? Who were they?

Answer: The 1939 yankees with Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Gordon, Charlie Keller, Red Rolfe, and George Selkirk.

Today’s Trivia Question: In 2010, Brett Gardner was tied (with Carl Crawford) for 3rd...

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