Spring 2011 Top 30 Prospects With New Ratings

Yesterday, I announced a new prospect rating system that I wanted to use to rank Yankee prospects. There are significant changes from my list half a year ago, mostly because the rating system forced me to more logically think out the rankings, but also because some offseason news changed my opinions slightly.

To refresh: the...

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The Limits of Psychobabble

Isn’t this a bit of an obvious paradox though? Jeter has five rings, so he can’t be complacent, but winning makes you complacent? It seems just as likely to me that you’d get more complacent after winning multiple rings than you would after winning just one ring, so why would the fact that Jeter, Mo, Pettitte, and Posada have five rings necessarily exempt them from ever being complacent? (For the record, obviously I don’t think Hank put a lot of thought into this, I’m just using it to highlight how hard it is for these things to stand up once you actually have to game it out.)

But to take this discussion away from Hank specifically and towards some of the routine armchair psychology you see fairly often in sports commentary, consider this:

However, I do think that the 2010 Yankees were a little complacent, especially evidenced by Joe Giradi lah-de-dahing the last few months into a Wild Card, when they should have won the division.

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Imagining Trades

Yesterday, MLBTR reported that Mark Buehrle would accept a trade for to the right team. From MLB.com:

A significant elbow injury suffered by Cardinals ace-hurler Adam Wainwright figures to eventually churn the rumor mill toward a Mark Buehrle-to-St. Louis scenario. Before those rumors start...

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A look at the 2011 Boston Red Sox

Jon Lester (Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Today we arrive at the American League preview that many of you are probably the most eager for: the 2011 Boston Red Sox.

Despite a series of injuries so vast many considered the...

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TYA Trivia Open Thread For 2-23-11

On every weeknight throughout the year, one of the TYA writers will post a trivia question as the nightly open thread. The blog administrators will keep track of the winners, and the commenter with the most correct answers will win a prize that has yet to be decided upon. The answers will be posted in...

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