Headline: Yankees Are Still Rich (WHEW!)

  • The Yankees’ estimated $1.7 billion team value is the highest in baseball, 86% higher than the team in second place (the Red Sox).  The Yankees have been the most valuable team in baseball for the fourteen years that Forbes has been valuing baseball franchises.  Back in 1998, the Yankees’ lead over the then-second most valuable franchise in baseball (the Baltimore Orioles) was only 12%.
  • The YES Network, the regional sports network that broadcasts Yankees’ games and is 34% owned by the Yankees, had over $400 million in revenue in 2010.
  • The aggregate value of the Yankees, the YES Network and Legends Hospitality Management (the enterprise that manages Yankee Stadium, among other things) is a solid $5.1 billion.  Nice!
  • The Yankees took in $325 million in gate receipts (including luxury suite revenue) in 2010, about on par with (or perhaps somewhat lower than) their ticket sales in 2009.
  • The most profitable team in baseball?  You might need thirty guesses to reach the right answer: it’s the San Diego Padres.  Other low-payroll teams with high operating profits include the usual suspects: the Pittsburgh Pirates made $25 million in 2010; the Florida Marlins made $20 million. In case you’re wondering, the Yankees made $25.7 million.
  • We take an unusual interest here in the Tampa Bay Rays.  So what does Forbes have to say about the Rays?  Two interesting items here: first, Forbes believes that the Rays are profitable. This flies in the face of what I’ve written previously.  Second: Forbes says that the Rays need to move out of Tampa-St. Pete.
  • Oh.  In case you hadn’t heard.  The Mets are in financial trouble.

One thought on “Headline: Yankees Are Still Rich (WHEW!)

  1. I was going to ask about '98, but you beat me to it! I guess there was still a Camden Yards bump present, but I was still surprised not to see the Sox second.

    The disparity between first and second is unbelievable. Especially given the presence of NESN, I never, ever would've guessed.