Prospect Discipline Watch

Many prospect followers have recognized the importance of plate discipline in the future success of a minor league prospect.  Batting average and home runs are sexier stats to get excited about, but k:bb ratio is often an important marker of a prospect’s approach at the plate.  In this post, I will take a look at...

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The National Baseball Hall of Fame AND Museum

It’s wonderful that the Hall of Fame documents the history of baseball, all of this history, even the worst parts of this history. This is the part of the mission of the Hall that we don’t talk much about. We talk about how Pete Rose should (or should not, depending on your lean) be in the Hall of Fame, but Rose IS represented in the museum.  So is Manny Ramirez.  So is Barry Bonds. Their memorabilia is prominently featured in exhibits in the museum, even if their plaques aren’t (and won’t) be hanging in the Gallery.  I was able to point my boys to Rose’s jersey in an exhibit and explain to them who he was, what he did on the field and the things he did off the field which has kept him from the other side of this great building.

As I walked through the Hall, I thought about whether this is the best way to remember players who had Hall of Fame quality careers but whose involvement with performance-enhancing drugs will likely prevent them from being inducted into the Hall.…

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Microcap: Yanks drop a winnable one against Jays

This one’s gonna be bullet-point style, as I missed most last night’s 5-3 Yankee loss and have a variety of personal obligations to tend to:

Ricky Romero was his usual studly self, holding the Yankees to two runs over six innings, though he wasn’t very economical about it, needing 109 pitches...

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Pictures from the Hall, part 3

And then there is the Mike Schmidt/Steve Carlton/Phillies display:

From that Phillies display, to the left of that gorgeous Schmidt jersey, The Hit King, Pete Rose! Who says he’s not IN the Hall of Fame?!? {Note, too, that the jersey was zippered in 1981.}

One of my favorite players, even though he burned my team way too many times, but I loved him anyways (Yes, I had a George Brett model glove):

Next is another 3B anchor, this one a bit older but worth a look:

And the jersey of a young Reginald Martinez Jackson:


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Game Thread and Series Preview | Yankees vs. Blue Jays II: It's Lima Bautista Time

Note: Please use this post as your game thread for tonight.

The Yankees (14-8, 1st in the AL East) meet the Blue Jays (12-13, 3rd in ALE) for the second time in two weeks as...

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More Bartolo Colon Analysis

TYA has done its share of statistical analysis of Bartolo Colon so far, but I wanted to take a look at what some other sources around the blogosphere are saying about Colon’s surprising start to the season.  Paul Swydan at Fangraphs took a good look at Colon so far and seemed to come away...

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