Prospect Discipline Watch

Many prospect followers have recognized the importance of plate discipline in the future success of a minor league prospect.  Batting average and home runs are sexier stats to get excited about, but k:bb ratio is often an important marker of a prospect’s approach at the plate.  In this post, I will take a look at the plate discipline of the Yankees’ top hitting prospects, to see whether there are potential red flags or bright spots in their current performance.  As with any analysis this early in the season, small sample size caveats do apply. Jesus Montero: By most accounts, Montero Continue reading Prospect Discipline Watch

Game Thread-#24 Burnett vs Drabek

Yankee fans will their first look at the centerpiece of the Roy Halladay trade Mr Kyle Drabek, son of the ‘one who got away‘ for Yankee fans of a certain age. After being dealt, Kyle was ranked #1 in the Blue Jays system by Baseball America this past off season. He followed his impressive stint in the minors with a fine spring (2.81 ERA) and broke camp with the club. He’s off to a good start this year (2-0 3.30 ERA) for a Blue Jay club that is ranked #5 thus far in the American League in team ERA and Continue reading Game Thread-#24 Burnett vs Drabek

The National Baseball Hall of Fame AND Museum

[THIS POSTING ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON ESPN HERE ON 4/30/11; excluding the picture here]

This past weekend, I visited baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. This was not my first time there, but it was my first trip with my two sons, now ages 11 and 8. I was curious to see the Hall in a different way, through the eyes of my children.

I left thinking about the official name of the building – the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. I left realizing that the official name of the building – the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum – has a very big word in the middle of it that most people seem to ignore: “and“. Mostly I write about the building from a distance, and when I do, I focus on the first part of the building’s name, about who should be admitted into the Hall and who should not. But when I am present inside of the building, the museum part of the building takes over. I certainly enjoy the plaques but for me, the real interest lies in reliving the moments that first drew me to the game and then those that have kept me wrapped in its clutches since.

I paused at the museum’s display of the hate mail (see picture to the right; click to enlarge) directed at Jackie Robinson and was left slackjawed. The violence expressed in these letters is a part of our history, a tragic part, but a part that needs to be remembered. These were not proud moments for America or for baseball. However, we need to see and remember the good and the bad.

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Microcap: Yanks drop a winnable one against Jays

This one’s gonna be bullet-point style, as I missed most last night’s 5-3 Yankee loss and have a variety of personal obligations to tend to: – Ricky Romero was his usual studly self, holding the Yankees to two runs over six innings, though he wasn’t very economical about it, needing 109 pitches to get through those six frames. According to the postgame, the Yankees blew a huge opportunity in the fifth, loading the bases with no outs, but Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez — the two guys you’d most want up in that situation — couldn’t get the job done. Continue reading Microcap: Yanks drop a winnable one against Jays

Derek Jeter, All Star

Jeter leads roster of Yanks’ All-Star hopefuls Derek Jeter, a mainstay at the All-Star Game, is looking to appear in his sixth straight Midsummer Classic and his 12th overall, and the Yankees captain is hoping to have company from his teammates. BA-.258 (Ranking among top 10 AL SS-#5) OBP-.323 (Rank-#5) SLG-.281 (Rank-#8) wOBA-.274 (Rank-#7) ISO-.022 (Rank #10) WAR-0.1 (Rank-#6) FLD-0.5 (Rank-#4) WPA- -0.55 (Rank-#9) source-Fangraphs Bryan Hoch is a good reporter, but this recent article was a a bit tough to take. Especially the title.

Pictures from the Hall, part 3

The first part of my Hall of Fame pictures series featured the scouting reports from two all time greats, before we knew them. The second part was some of the Yankees stuff.  This part, part three, will highlight some of the best players of the 1970’s/’80’s. Leading off, the great Rollie Fingers (as with all of these, click to enlarge to full size):

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Game Thread and Series Preview | Yankees vs. Blue Jays II: It's Lima Bautista Time

Note: Please use this post as your game thread for tonight. The Yankees (14-8, 1st in the AL East) meet the Blue Jays (12-13, 3rd in ALE) for the second time in two weeks as Toronto comes to the Stadium for a three-game set this weekend. As regular readers know, Toronto emerged as one of my least-favorite teams to face last year, and true to form, the Extra-Base Hits are currently boasting a top-five offense in the American League (and really, it’s probably more like top-three, as I don’t know what the heck Cleveland and Kansas City are doing in Continue reading Game Thread and Series Preview | Yankees vs. Blue Jays II: It's Lima Bautista Time

More Bartolo Colon Analysis

TYA has done its share of statistical analysis of Bartolo Colon so far, but I wanted to take a look at what some other sources around the blogosphere are saying about Colon’s surprising start to the season.  Paul Swydan at Fangraphs took a good look at Colon so far and seemed to come away impressed overall, but with some reservations. Among the positives, Swydan notes Colon’s strong fastball velocity, which is roughly at the level of where it was when he was at his peak.  His average fastball velocity for 2011 has been around 91 mph, and this figure is skewed Continue reading More Bartolo Colon Analysis

After "Losing the Off Season", Yanks Are Winning the WAR in April

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). Over the winter, much was made about how Theo Epstein and the Boston Red Sox won the offseason, while Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees were left out in the cold. Well, after only one month, the tables have been turned. At least in April, it’s Cashman who is now winning the WAR. WAR Comparison of Yankees’ and Red Sox’ Off Season Additions *Salary represents average guaranteed dollars owed to each player. Source:, and Cot’s Contracts Despite spending half as much money as the Red Sox, the Yankees Continue reading After "Losing the Off Season", Yanks Are Winning the WAR in April