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19 thoughts on “Comment of the day: “We are Yankee fans”

  1. This is why I am a Yankee fan. We have such smart fans. We get a lot of crap for being proud fans. But how can't you be proud when the fans are as classy as the organization.

  2. This was honestly one of the best things I have ever read on the internet. It always seemed to me that whenever a player went to Boston, the first thing they said was how they are ready to beat the Yankees. Adrian Gonzales comes to mind. When the Yankees acquire somebody, they always say how they want to help the team win the World Series. It definitely shows in the numbers of championships.

  3. So true! I went to school in Boston, after growing up in NYC, just some 210 miles to the SE. I was a Knicks/Mets/Yankees fan growing upa, but always admired the Boston teams. The first sports book I read as a kid was a Dave Cowens biography. I remember being struck seeing a "F*** the Yankees" bumper sticker as a freshman, and honestly thought it was some Southerner still stuck in a Civil War mentality.

    The anti-NY sentiment in Boston is nothing more than second-city syndrome, and sadly so, since it is such a beautiful and rich place to live.

    • My wife went to school in Boston. We got engaged in Boston. I spent a year working in Boston. I love the town. I love almost everything about it, except the traffic, the accents and the excessive hatred for everything that's not Boston.

  4. Good old "sour grape" mentality. We can't get it, so it must suck so much that it's not worth the effort getting it.
    I used to support a few Sox players until of course, their fans started swearing at me for no good reason on Youtube.

  5. Have to say–

    I went to school in MA too, for high school anyhow. When I arrived there, I liked the Yanks AND the Red Sox–my first game had been at Fenway, and they had some fun players to watch. By the end of my time in MA, though, I despised the Sox. Most of all, I despised Pedro Martinez. Following him throwing at Garcia, and then pointing at Posada and then at his head, I think I might have actually gone after him, had I seen him on the street (I probably would have gotten thrown down Don Zimmer style).

    I was a stupid high schooler at the time. But let's be honest. I *hated* Pedro, and I think that's completely legitimate. The guy was a headhunter (who notably stopped throwing at batters when he went to the NL, where he would actually be open to the consequences of his actions, when at the plate). He was also a fantastic pitcher. Which meant he was someone I despised, who I could appreciate.

    I hated Damon, even after he came to the Yankees. I considered him a massive sellout–when you have so many millions, why become a mercenary for a few more? When he went to Detroit and said "this was where I wanted to come from the beginning" I chuckled, and was completely unsurprised at his blatant lie.

    I despise Papelbon. Seriously, read up on the guy. He's a nutjob. Youkilis is the ugliest, whiniest (most freaking valuable) hitter in the AL. He is immensely underappreciated–but man oh man is he annoying. I'm definitely not above hating a Red Sox player.

    And being a fan would sure be boring if I were!

  6. When we hate a player we just hate him there in the game, I feel if some1 in Bos saw A-rod or jeter in person they would throw something @ him & probably not seat'em @ a restaurant lol, maybe not but that's the vibe I get. If i see big papi I'll yell @ him a good LETS GO YANKEES…..and a boston sucks but i still know he's scary at the plate……..i hate when ppl can't admit there team is bad……..we yankees know that b4 the season started…….sox look legit….hate 'em but know they got players……they look at us thinking we actually do suck every year………i dont like papelbom for the face he makes & in no way shape or form could I like him since he thought he should have been over THE GREAT Mariano Rivera in the all-star game……I think Arod said it best "they dont boo the bad players"……..redsox dont need to win the world series if they beat the yanks that's it for them…..but for the yanks its "We not looking at you…we looking PAST you"

  7. Is there another fanbase that is so defined by a rival team? Without the Yankees would anyone care about the Red Sox? Without the Red Sox, would there be any impact on Yankee fans?

    I also very much enjoy the comments of Damon being a mercenary when he first came to the Yankees, who seem to forget he was that same mercenary when he left the Royals for Boston's money.

    By the way is their a bigger whining tandem in the league then the 1-2 punch of Youkilis and Ortiz? I appreciate Youkilis' intensity and all out effort, but it seems like Ortiz's endless whining is starting to rub off on him.

  8. I was just thinking, whenever I wear my Yankees cap at a bar I get heckled by Sox fans, and yet I’ve never heckled a Sox fan for wearing his hat/shirt/jersey. It really does go one way.

  9. It actually reminds me of my other team in blue, Michigan and the relationship with Michigan State. They hate Michigan with a white hot bile. We think of them as "little brother" and root for them outside the conference. Now, as for those knuckle-draggers from Columbus….

  10. OMG – such classy fans. How righteous. So damn dignified. If this isn't the funniest freaken thing I have ever read on the Internet in a long time I don't know what is. A bunch of schmoes blowing kisses to each other. What's next a circle jerk? Oh boy – I think I soiled myself from laughing so hard. Oye! Thanks, ladies – I needed a good roar. LMFAO.

    • Hey Mrs. Lee! Nice of you to visit. How's Philly treating you? I've heard they boo Santa Claus down there, but not to worry, the worst you have to fear during baseball season is that they'll throw snow balls at the Easter bunny. And who knows, maybe come Easter it won't snow!

      From your comments, I understand you've never heard a fan base discuss themselves in flattering terms. Me neither. I live in Los Angeles, where half the fans leave Dodger Stadium in the seventh inning to beat the traffic, and as they leave I can hear them berating themselves. "What's wrong with us?" they say, as they race up the aisles and to their cars. "Why are we leaving?"

      You can say similar things about the fans in Arlington, Texas. (You remember the Texas Rangers, right? That's one of the many places where your husband used to pitch. It's probably hard to keep all those places straight after a while. Texas was the place where he'd pitch and it was hot out. Seattle was the place he'd pitch and it was wet out. I hope this jogs your memory.) When all those fans jumped on the Rangers' bandwagon last September, I'm sure they engaged in the appropriate level of self-depreciation. Y'know, like maybe they wore t-shirts with a picture of a puddle on it and a caption "My Devotion To Baseball Is About THIS Deep." Great thing about those shirts — those fans could wear the shirts later in the fall to high school football games, and college football games, and pro football games. Those shirts will still be wear-able in a few years, when those same fans fall off the Rangers' bandwagon.

      Boston fans sit on top of a wall like Humpty Dumpty, and point fingers at each other. "You paid $165 a ticket to sit on top of a 36 foot wall 300 feet from the action? HAHAHA! So did I!" Privately, they beat themselves up last night for booing Tampa Bay Ray Johnny Damon, because Damon left the Red Sox in the pursuit of money, while they cheered Carl Crawford and Dan Wheeler for leaving the Rays to take the money offered by the Red Sox.

      Tampa Bay Ray fans chastise each other for not getting to the Trop to see more games. Mets fans blame themselves for the team's financial difficulties ("couldn't we have just introduced the Wilpons to Suze Orman?").

      It's only Yankee fans who are incapable of being self-critical. You got us there, Mrs. Lee. Enjoy your cheesesteak. And if you don't happen to like cheesesteaks (they're known in other parts of the country as a "heart attack on a roll"), my advice is to pretend that you do.

  11. I'm a Red Sox fan, and I agree with this message. Am I selling out my own people? Maybe, but I have little tolerance for BS. I'm sick of the little brother syndrome RSN has with the Yankees.