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5 thoughts on “Hughes Not Getting an MRI

  1. Who's to say he hasn't been checked out? They don't have to tell us every little thing they do.

  2. Agreed Brien. This makes no sense. Then again, the Yankees may have done some medical tests on Hughes but for some reason won't admit this to us.

    The thing I'm most afraid of is that Hughes is going to injure his arm in the process of trying to find his lost velocity.

    I know that we're not supposed to panic, that pitchers routinely take some time during the early part of the season before they're throwing their best stuff. But on Saturday Hughes didn't look remotely like the pitcher he was a year ago, even at the end of the year when his stuff wasn't its best. Pitching is pretty much a mystery, and we should probably just trust that the Yankees know what they're doing. But this has me worried. I'm not worried about Jeter's slow start, or Gardner's occasionally odd approach at the plate, or the way Joe G. is using his bullpen, or anything else you might mention, but I am worried about Hughes.

    • I think we're taking this "don't panic" meme way too far, personally. The distinction between "panic" and "worrying about reasonable things to worry about" is getting really blurred. We knew Hughes was an injury risk coming into the season because of his increased workload, so given the decrease in velocity and effectiveness at this age, I don't think that worrying he might have some sort of injury is panicking whatsoever.

      • No blur. "Panic" is worrying more than is appropriate, and taking actions in response to inappropriate worry that are extreme, expensive or counterproductive.

        Agreed. The Yankees should do everything they can to make certain that Hughes is not injured. An MRI is not a panic response. Agreed with Patrick, the Yankees may already have done this.

  3. I was worried about aj. Now I'm not. I'm panicking about Hughes. He hasn't looked good in his last four starts which include the two playoff starts. The last time Hughes pitched like Hughes was against the twins to clinch the division series. They seriously need to do an MRI. No more let's not panic. Get him checked out before we don't have Hughes for the rest of the season.