10 thoughts on “Hughes Put On DL With “Dead Arm”

  1. lets start a Move Joba to Starting Rotation campaign. David Robertson can handle the 7th inning better than Joba anyway, Yanks don't need him in the bullpen, they need him starting, even if its just for this season

    • The way he blocked home plate last night, I'd also like to start a campaign for Joba as backup catcher.

      Seriously. Joba is just beginning, I hope, to recover the stuff we saw in 2007 (he looked GREAT last night). Cashman says that Joba is recovering from a 2008 shoulder injury. I think that pitching in relief has given his arm a chance to recover from that injury. The relative rest is doing him too much good for me to recommend discontinuing it. With luck Joba will have a long career, and the Yanks will have ample opportunity over the years to move him to the starting rotation. Let's not rush that.

      But I bet others here will disagree, and your campaign gets my thumbs up for being a good topic for debate.

      • With Cashman convinced that "Joba's stuff is better out of the bullpen" (reasoning that his velocity and competitiveness is higher coming out of the pen), he's not leaving the bullpen this season, which is too bad because I wish they had a better starting rotation this year : (

        • Domonic, the Yanks have to be careful with Joba. You simply don't push any pitcher with a history of shoulder problems.

          Joba's been one of our favorite topics of debate here. The prevailing opinion here is that Joba pitched better last year than his W-L record and ERA would indicate, and that the Yanks needed to be patient with Joba. I can't say that the Yanks followed our advice, but they have been patient, and it looks like that patience may be paying off. Patience runs in two directions: patience in not giving up on a guy, patience in not asking a guy to do too much too soon.

          Agreed about the starting rotation, also agreed that we have to look for ways to improve the rotation.

          • I get what you mean with being careful with pitchers who have an injury history, especially the young ones. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to readers comments Larry, that's really awesome of you!

          • Our readers make our site what it is, domonic. If you take the trouble to comment, I'll always at least TRY to respond.

  2. Looks like Nova might have a "dead arm" too. Send enough guys to DL or down to AAA, eventually they'll HAVE to let Joba pitch.

    Have a hard time believing he'd be any worse than Nova or Hughes; don't know about Garcia – he didn't look that good in the 2 innings he pitched, but that's smaller than SSS.

    • I'll let Tamar handle it, but I just don't think Nova had his best stuff tonight. Too many walks and WP. Nova's arm is fine; his ability to go deep into a game is a question but tonight he didn't have the stuff to go deep into the game anyway.

      I think Nova could be OK. He pitched reasonably well in Boston. Besides, we don't have many alternatives. Joba can fill at most one slot in the rotation. I don't see any help coming from the minors, nor do I see any outstanding starting pitching available in trade. I can see Cashman scoring a Roy Oswalt type at the trade deadline, maybe, but until then you're pretty much looking at the guys you've got.

      I don't believe in taking April pitching performances too seriously. Last year A.J. was great in April, CC was not.

      BTW, I almost skipped the paragraph above on Pendleton, then figured, what the heck? Do you think he owes me a beer?

      • Nova has a way to go, but he has shown improvements over last year. I think what I find most encouraging is that he has been able to get out of trouble or minimize the damage when runners are on base, which he seemed incapable of doing at all last season. Last year it seemed like clockwork, Nova would be unhittable through three or four innings and then as soon as the other team put a couple runners on he became useless. If he has actually adjusted to that he should start going deeper into games.

        Pitching in Scranton so far in this young season hasn't shown much, but who knows what we will see. If Brackman can put together a strong month or two and the Yankees are still looking for a starter I would think they may give him a shot. There are some guys worth watching in Scranton (Warren, Phelps, etc.), but I don't think any are ready. In fact, I think few of the Yankees' minor league starting pitchers have thrown more than five innings in a start at this point in the season, which makes me think that none of them are physically ready to start in the majors right now. The Yankees have plenty of pitching talent in the minors, but it might be a little while to we finally see it come to fruition.