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1. It’s still early, but I think now is the time you start to get a little concerned if you’re team is really tanking. Buster Olney today has a piece about the Mariners possibly being early sellers and of course speculates on if Felix Hernandez could be traded. A trade for Felix would be massive obviously. It would certainly cut the heart out of the Yankees farm system, which is obvious. Would you do this? I would because Felix isn’t a 30 something pitcher with his best years behind him- he’s 24 years old. I would not be in favor of trading that same bucket of prospects for a Cliff Lee for example.


2. The last time the Knicks were in the playoffs, exactly 7 years ago today, they lost to the Nets 83-107 on the way to getting swept in the first round. The same day the Yankees lost to the Red Sox on a Saturday afternoon game, 5-2. Curt Shilling got the victory, striking out 8 in 6 innings. Tony Clark hit a HR for the Yankees and Pokey Reese played SS for the Red Sox. Some dude named Donovan Osborne ( I’m not making that up) relieved Mike Mussina after 5 innings. I’ll never figure out how the 2004 Yankees won 101 games that year.


3. Moshe brings up a good point about bullpen usage in the early post today. Simply put, the Yankees have gone to the pen a lot more often because their starting pitching hasn’t been very good. I kind of like what Girardi has been doing though. Let’s face it- the rotation is not very good right now. He’s been yanking the starters pretty early on which has led to the high bullpen usage.  The Yankees have several long reliever candidates in AAA so if this is how the rotation is going to look for awhile (which it most likely is) than I think this is a good way to operate.


4. Speaking of the rotation- Yikes. It’s tough to feel good about it when you can say you only have real confidence in one pitcher.  AJ Burnett is pitching well so far but it’s tough to have total confidence in him. Ivan Nova is a young pitcher suited for a 4/5 slot in the rotation- he can look very good and at times like a 24 year old with 56 career major league innings. Which of course he is. Freddie Garcia and Bartolo Colon, well it’s tough to expect a ton out of them. Colon I think has shown some good stuff early this year. Hopefully the Yankee offense can continue scoring runs to support the rotation.


5. I’m a big Brett Gardner supporter, but he’s off to an almost remarkably bad start. That said, he’s still not even the worst LF in the AL East right now- that would be a Mr. Carl Crawford (.137/.185/.157/Yikes). I guess Andrew Jones is the best solution if the Yankees can’t get Gardner going anytime soon.

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  1. On the Hernandez trade possibility, did anyone read the deal the “rival GM” was quoted as saying he would trade Felix for on MLB Rumor?

    He said he would trade Hernandez for Montero, Banuelos, Betances, and Nova… I don’t know about you guys but I would have a hard time pulling the trigger on that deal, dealing both Montero and Banuelos is hard enough but including Betances and an already major league ready starter in Nova seems like an awful lot. I guess because of the talent level Felix has you have to assume that none of the pitchers involved will ever be as good as he is, but if both Betances and Banuelos develop into 2/3 starter, and Montero continues on the hitting path we all assume he will (.300, 30+), then they probably would provide more wins than simply Felix alone. On the other hand trading for Felix gives you the ultimate leverage on Sabathia since you would then have a more talented pitcher than CC in his own rotation, making his opt out decision a much bigger one for him with more risks.

    I would have to give it more thought but I would love to know what the guys on here think about a deal that massive on top end prospects.

    Regarding Brett Gardner he needs to get going soon or my fantasy team is going to end up with no steals.

  2. The only 2 in my mind that I would not part with are Banuelos and Romine. Banuelos will probably be in the Yankee rotation by 2012 and if Martin continues to play well when his contract is up at the end of 2012 Romine should have acquired all the necessary skills and experience in the minors to assume the role of full time catcher. Other then those 2 a package that I’m sure Seattle would require starts with Montero could be put together.

    • I’m with you on Banuelos, I just feel that he is going to be a very special kind of pitcher for at least some period of time and I would hate to miss out on that. However it does beg the question of what Seattle would take for Felix and I see no reason they should trade him unless they get both Banuelos and Montero.

      At this point they don’t need Montero, and with last years acquisition of Smoak it would be either Catcher or DH for Jesus with them, which severely weakens his trade value since I doubt they see him as a catcher. Because of that I don’t see how it makes sense to trade the best pitcher in baseball who hasn’t even reached his prime yet for a DH. Betances is a nice prospect but with his inconsistencies and history he wouldn’t be a strong second name in a deal, especially not one in which the first name is a DH.

      Even a deal of Montero, Betances, Brackman, Heathcott, and Nova doesn’t make tons of since because they have a great defensive CFer, and Betances and Brackman have legit questions about whether or not they will end up in the pen.

      • I think you are underestimating the value of both Betances and Brackman. The same applies to Montero. I think instead of Heathcott, Adams might be a better option for the Yankees to offer. I think a package of Betances, Brackman, Nova as pitchers in Seattle would be a good deal for the Mariners. Add in Montero after all the Mariners have virtually no offense he would do wonders for them and then Adams could be a package that’s attractive enough. Just my opinion.

  3. Well said, Chris. I think its hard to speculate as to just exactly what Seattle would want. It would probably be something like Montero, Banuelos, pitcher B (Betances, Brackman, Warren, etc) and then another player. Remember who we’re talking about- this guy is 25, has a career FIP of 3.42, ERA of 3.22, K/9 8.11, BB/9 2.4 with 1181 innings already.

    It would take a BOAT LOAD in my opinion to get this guy.

  4. They wouldn’t take Brackman given his $1 million a year salary and his 40 man roster contract stipulation.

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  6. while we wait until june or july for a starting pitching trade, how about justin upton..signed cheap for long term would cure the problem with a right handed bat and put gardner on the bench for defense and pinch runner…maybe in a few years slade will be ready.. cash i think looked at justin in the off season.what would it take for a trade of that type..